American Samizdat was started in early 2002 by Dr. Menlo. It may be the first group political blog.

Dr. Menlo eventually got politically burnt out and Uncle $cam became an active poster. Philip Shropshire as well.

In the early days, American Samizdat included a wide variety of luminaries from the web and meat worlds, both.

The original blogging platform for American Samizdat was blogger. American Samizdat started on the domain drmenlo.com, and then moved to its own domain – amsam.org – several years later. When blogger non longer offered its services to domains other than its own, Dr. Menlo moved the blog temporarily to blogspot, then later installed wordpress on the domain and imported the posts. So this is why there are two American Samizdats.

Eventually the blogspot Samizdat petered out. In 2013, Dr. Menlo gave the domain/wp version (this) a makeover and info cleanup, and started posting again. If you are a past harbinger and want to post again, please use this contact page. If you have never contributed and want to, also use this contact page.

American Samizdat on blogspot
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