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Monthly Archives: June, 2011

Hackers Are Everywhere. Panic!

John Dvorak on the looming internet clamp-down.

I think the number of recent hacks and the amount of news coverage on these attacks is suspicious. Could they be false flag events to help the government regulate the Internet?


Exclusive: The Fed’s $600 Billion Stealth Bailout Of Foreign Banks Continues At The Expense Of The Domestic Economy, Or Explaining Where All The QE2 Money Went

But, hey, why worry? Our lawmakers and politicians care about YOU.

Minister Farrakhan: "That’s A Murderer In The White House!"

Minister Farrakhan exposed the U.S. and NATO’s criminal War Libya and Africa during a June 15, 2011 Press Conference at the UN Plaza Hotel. Also presenting were former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Human Rights Activist Viola Plummer and International Actitivst Cynthia McKinney.

You may not like him, but he’s right about one thing…

Whole swaths of the young generations, know these fuckers are full of shit, and they the power that be, can’t control or stop that. But if they could they certainly would.

Oh, and just for shits and giggles…

The Loneliness and Courage of Thomas Drake: A Whistleblower’s Journey

“As a student of history and politics, I firmly believe that we have reached a breaking point in this country, when the government violates and erodes our very privacy and precious freedoms in the name of national security and then hides it behind the convenient label of secrecy.

This is not the America I took an oath to support and defend in my career. This is not the America I learned about while growing up in Texas and Vermont. This is not the America we are supposed to be.” — Thomas Drake, from his acceptance speech of the 2011 Ridenhour Prize for Truth–Telling


US domestic agencies are purchasing X-ray vans that can see through walls and clothing, and unmanned flying drones capable of aerial surveillance. These surveillance programs must not be kept secret.

Daniel Ellsberg, other whistleblowers want Obama’s ‘transparency award’ rescinded

Noone could have predicted that a river might flood.

Nebraska Nuclear Plant: Emergency Level 4 & Getting Worse

Fort Calhoun near Omaha, Nebraska

“On June 6, 2011, the Fort Calhoun pressurized water nuclear reactor 20 miles north of Omaha, Nebraska entered emergency status due to imminent flooding from the Missouri River. A day later, there was an electrical fire requiring plant evacuation.

Then, on June 8th, NRC event reports confirmed the fire resulted in the loss of cooling for the reactor’s spent fuel pool. The discussion includes specific details of the technical failures at Fort Calhoun, the risks of coolant loss at overcrowded “spent” fuel pools, and the national hazards of nuclear facilities along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, and other water sites during the current period of floods and climate change.”

Everything is fine…

Missing Iraq money ; stolen, auditors say

U.S. Defense officials still cannot say what happened to $6.6 billion, sent by the planeload in cash and intended for Iraq’s reconstruction after the start of the war.

I know where it didn’t go…

Larry Summers: "Welcome To The Non-Recovery" Or "Fiscal Stimulus Or (Another US) Bust"

How to avoid stumbling into our own lost decade

Perhaps the US’ most fundamental strength is its resilience. We averted Depression in 2008/2009 by acting decisively. Now we can avert a lost decade by recognising economic reality.

The Larry Summers money shot:

Without the payroll tax cuts and unemployment insurance negotiated by the president and Congress last fall we might well be looking today at the possibility of a double dip. Substantial withdrawal of fiscal support for demand at the end of 2011 would be premature. Fiscal support should be continued and indeed expanded by providing the payroll tax cut to employers as well as employees. Raising the share of the payroll tax cut from 2 percent to 3 percent would be desirable as well.

IOW, “we must use any opportunity we can create and maintain to KILL SS!”

Fuck Larry Summers and the ass he rode in on.

haha… I’m not sure that’s not a laugh of mania or despair… both?

Also see, The Hill’s, Congress blog…. Starving the poor to balance the budget is wrong

A mighty tree has fallen – Geronimo Jijaga Pratt

when i was a mere teenager men like geronimo & fred hampton were like older brothers to me – they were not icons or something exotic, their humanity(& in the two instances it was an extraordinary humanity)resonated then & now. when i think of them i wonder at the possibilities that flower in the most terrible circumstance, under the most difficult conditions & in their way these two men brought beauty in my life very early by revealing the utter naturalness of politics. my commitment to working in the community came from them. you have to remember fred hampton was just a young young man when he was assassinated by the fbi in chicago & the geronimo was also a very young man when he was falsely accused by the fbi & sent to prison for 27 years, 8 of those in solitary. when he was released he was not bitter because he said i understood they were attacking my community & i never confused that in my mind. an extraordinary fighter, a wise, wise warrior. be in peace

i was never seduced by the liberal lies from thatcher reagan onwards because in all the cultures i worked in as a writer i witnessed the unrelenting attack on community, the decimation of the organizations that had hitherto assisted them & year after year fought the destruction that capital laid waste until the present where it is in collapse & all its attacks on the poor have been extended to the middle class. they are now tasting the whip. in all that time i have never forgotten either fred hampton or geronimo. ever. today, their human example, is even more resonant

i think the worst moments in a life are when you don’t think you are able to live up to that exemplarity & you explode. the self destructive key is always there which the culture allows & is glad that you have taken it. perhaps i took that route sometimes in my life but was always drawn to what was true in me & men like hampton & jijaga -were implacable in their lessons & i know what i have done in the last 30 years as a man & as a writer in whatever country i lived & worked in was to – serve the people. there are those who would mock that but i know it is my highest dignity


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