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Monthly Archives: September, 2010

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Yeah, Satan did it..

FBI files on investigation of Iowa City peace activists made public

In East germany the german people stormed the Stazi secret police HQ and threw the files into the streets, in America we have a better retort, it’s called waiting for godot? or should i say gitmo? Or some hero to save us..

Some days you just have to scorn or …

And then other times, you just can’t wash the shit off your hands…


Easing Wiretaps on the Internet

“They can promise strong encryption. They just need to figure out how they can provide us plain text.” The administration plans to submit legislation to Congress in 2011 which would mandate any communications technology operating in the United States to include technical measures to comply with wiretap orders.

This is the latest of many attempts to build backdoors for law enforcement into any technology that can be used to communicate; those who have paid attention to the subject for a while may remember Clipper, one notable carrot in a long line of sticks. What’s different now is that it pushes the responsibility of getting to the unencrypted message onto the operator: it would in effect be illegal to operate strong cryptography without some form of key escrow or other law-enforcement-friendly weakness built in. Though this is not quite the level of control on crypto mandated by more authoritarian regimes, it represents a new restriction on the freedom of information within the United States.

It is unclear how the proposed penalties could be applied to systems without a single operator, and questions of jurisdiction naturally present themselves in an international Internet. More certain is opposition to the measure from an engineering community that has allergy to wiretapping encoded in its DNA.

A slow day at the FBI

This week the inspector general of the Justice Department issued a report about FBI surveillance of several groups, including Greenpeace and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The report concluded that none of the groups was investigated by the FBI simply because of their opinions, but in some cases it found fault with the duration of investigations and the tenuous connection to suspected criminal or terrorist activity.

more at the link…

Probe discovers U.S. court misconduct

Orlando, Fla. — The jurors who helped put Antonino Lyons in jail for three years had every reason to think that he was a drug trafficker, and, until July, no reason to doubt that justice had been done.

For more than a week in 2001, the jurors listened to one witness after another, almost all of them prison inmates, describe how Lyons had sold them packages of cocaine. One said that Lyons, who ran clothing shops and nightclubs around Orlando, tried to hire him to kill two drug dealers.

But the federal prosecutors handling the case did not let the jury hear all the facts.

Instead, the prosecutors covered up evidence that could have discredited many of Lyons’ accusers. They never disclosed that a convict who claimed to have purchased hundreds of pounds of cocaine from Lyons struggled to identify his photograph. And they hid the fact that prosecutors had promised to let others out of prison early in exchange for their cooperation.

Federal prosecutors are supposed to seek justice, not merely score convictions. But a USA Today investigation found that prosecutors have repeatedly violated that duty in courtrooms across the country

FBI agent indicted after threatening top official

The FBI agent accused of making death threats against his estranged wife and the head of the Dallas FBI office has been indicted.

Vast firearms collection listed in indictment of former Dallas FBI agent accused of murder plot

Paid for by your tax dime. This makes you a co-enabler.

Former FBI man implicated in CIA abuse

WASHINGTON — A former CIA officer accused of revving an electric drill near the head of an imprisoned terror suspect has returned to U.S. intelligence as a contractor, training CIA operatives after leaving the agency, The Associated Press has learned.

The CIA officer wielded the bitless drill and an unloaded handgun – unauthorized interrogation techniques – to menace suspected USS Cole bombing plotter Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri inside a secret CIA prison in Poland in late 2002 and early 2003, according to several former intelligence officials and a review by the CIA’s inspector general.

see link for full story

In the spring of 2001 we brought Daryl Cherney to speak at our conference investigating crimes committed by the FBI crime family.
We believe a FBI Death Squad was behind the bombing of Judy Bari’s
When you are the law enforcement agency investigating the crime you just committed you can almost always get away with the crime.

Darryl Cherney wants FBI to hand over evidence

(09-08) 2010 SAN FRANCISCO — It’s an infamous case that never seems to go away, even after millions of dollars have been paid out in civil settlements and police say the trail has gone cold.

The case is the 1990 bombing in Oakland of Earth First environmental activists Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney, who were nearly killed when a nail-studded explosive device blew up in their car.

Nobody was ever charged with the attack, and now, two decades later, the FBI wants to destroy the last bits of evidence it has been storing ever since the investigation dribbled dry – remnants of the bomb and one like it that blew up in a North Bay town a few days earlier.

Not so fast, says Cherney, 54, who has never given up trying to solve the case himself.

Saying in court briefs that the evidence “provides the last best hope for learning who bombed Judi Bari,” Cherney and his lawyers were in federal court Wednesday in San Francisco to try to force the FBI to turn the evidence over to them so they can run DNA and other tests on it.

NSA is the Enron of the intelligence community.~Jesselyn Radack

A Declaration of War on the American People.

What do you think the Military Commissions Act was? The new FISA laws? The Patriot Act? Faith-based voting machines? Eliminating Posse Comitatus? The Federal Reserve Act? Media consolidation? Eliminating the Fairness Doctrine? Ending net neutrality? Lowering the top marginal tax rates on millionaires? The Commodity Futures Modernization Act? Gramm, Leach, Bliley? NAFTA? China Trade?

You didn’t think I was talking about 350 dirt-poor Muslims living in the mountains on the other side of the planet, did you?

Buddy, you’re the one in their crosshairs.

The only real war is the one never mentioned, Class War.

You go to war with the financially insolvent lunatic anti-masturbationist that you have

By now it it is pretty obvious that you go to war with the financially insolvent lunatic anti-masturbationist that you have, not the financially insolvent lunatic anti-masturbationist you wish you had. Quite frankly, if it came out tomorrow that Christine O’Donnell had given herself a home abortion and sold the fetus to cannibals so she could buy meth, many Tea Baggers and conservatives would be falling all over themselves complimenting her plucky can-do attitude and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Because that is how they roll.

What John McCain Doesn’t Get About Our Immigrant Troops

His name was Reyes, well-liked, a great soldier, and “squared the fuck away,” as we’d often say in the Army. Our S.A.W. gunner, he would return enemy fire beautifully — and not much is beautiful about the Iraq war. We trusted him with our lives. And you know what changed when we discovered that he was a citizen of Peru instead of the United States? Absolutely nothing.

My infantry platoon had guys from all over the country — we looked like a recruitment ad that screamed diversity — so I had no idea that foreign citizens fought alongside us. Nor did I know that such a thing was possible. But it didn’t bother me, and I actually thought it was incredible that Reyes would risk life and limb for a country that wasn’t officially his.

No, what bothered me was that serving with our flag on his shoulder didn’t guarantee Reyes citizenship upon honorable discharge; it merely helped his chances. He had committed to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” but the United States would not commit to him.

You’d think that joining the military would essentially flick the naturalization switch from “safe” to “semi,” meaning that he’d be good to go, but sadly that’s not the case… yet.

Last week Harry Reid announced that he will insert the DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act into a defense authorization bill, granting permanent residency to young undocumented immigrants who honorably serve in the armed forces for two years. This infuriated Republicans, including John McCain, who called it “onerous” and “a pure political act” despite co-sponsoring the same bill in 2005, 2006, and 2007. (Colin Powell, still technically a Republican, approves of the proposal.)

McCain has obvious political considerations — he’s up for reelection in a state hostile to immigration — but this flip-flop seems especially cynical. It blows my mind that he would threaten to block this reform. Foreign citizens have always participated in our nation’s defense, sometimes when Americans were scared to send their own children. And who in the hell would want to join the military now? No one knows if Afghanistan is winnable, and we’re going to be stuck in Iraq for years despite the official end of combat operations. (Why hasn’t my victory parade invitation arrived in the mail?)

And besides, you can make at least triple the money as a civilian contractor. What’s the fucking point?

Still, we desperately need more troops, and there’s nothing more patriotic than willingness to fight and die in the hope of becoming a citizen. Immigrants are willing to work all the shitty, low-paying, demeaning jobs that most lazy Americans feel is beneath them. But military service isn’t janitorial work — it’s not beneath anyone — and if our lazy citizens aren’t willing to serve their own country, then the honor should go to people who actually deserve to wear the uniform.

Reyes eventually became a U.S. citizen, but would’ve faced a legal nightmare if his application had been denied. And there’s no good reason that a soldier like him should have to go through hell again.

Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran and Esquire contributing editor Colby Buzzell is the author of award-winning memoir My War: Killing Time in Iraq.

Counter Beck and his Minions…

…with HUMOR!

Colbert, Stewart Plan March on Washington to Counter Glenn Beck
Spurred on by their Web fan base, comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert say they are going to stage a “million moderate march” on the national mall in response to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally. Stewart is calling the event, scheduled for Oct. 30, a Saturday afternoon, the “Rally to Restore Sanity.” Colbert is calling his concurrent counter-march “March to Keep Fear Alive.”

The two events were triggered by “Daily Show” fans who staged a Web write-in campaign. That zeal mushroomed shortly after Beck’s rally in late August, The Washington Post reported.

“John Stewart, (sic) please hold an event at the Lincoln Memorial. We’ll show up and show Glen Beck what half a million people looks like,” wrote Mvelez999 on the online message board for Stewart’s “Daily Show” on Reddit.com.

“I’ve had a vision and I can’t shake it: Colbert needs to hold a satirical rally in DC,” MrSamMercer posted a day later.

“A million moderate march . . . a clarion call for rationality!” Stewart wrote. He is using the motto of “Take it down a notch for America.” Stewart said he will offer signs with the “appropriate” level of political emotion, such as “I disagree with you, but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler.”

Colbert called Stewart’s rally “disturbing. He will “not take it down a notch,” saying that “Now is the time for all good men to freak out for freedom!”

And, “Need I point out that ‘reason’ is one letter away from ‘treason?'” Colbert asks.

Editor’s Note: See the exclusive Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” slideshow here.

"Dude, you have no Qur’an…’"

Texas Skateboarder Stops Christian Extremist From Burning The Qur’an

Baseball Player Steals American Flag from Protesters About to Burn it at Dodger Stadium…

April 25th, 1976… A protestor jumps from the stands during a day game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with an American Flag and a can of lighter fluid. He runs to a spot in shallow center field and spreads the flag out on the ground, then starts dousing it with the lighter fluid. His 11 year old son runs up a moment later and begins to light the flag on fire…

Enter Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs. He swoops on the two protestors, sweeps up the flag, and keeps running. One of the protestors throws either the can of lighter fluid or the lighter at him from behind…

When Rick Monday, Chicago Cub, comes up to bat the next inning at Dodger Stadium, he gets a STANDING OVATION from the Dodger crowd while the scoreboard flashes in the outfield “RICK MONDAY… YOU MADE A GREAT PLAY!”

The next season, he’s traded to the Dodgers, where he goes on to be instrumental in their World Series championship in 1981 and is with the Dodger organization to this day as an announcer.

You tell me: Juxtaposed next to the skateboarder who stole the Koran that was about to be burned… who was right, and who was wrong? Both right? Both Wrong?

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