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Monthly Archives: July, 2010

Law Allows Doctors to Lie

KOKH FOX 25 :: Top Stories – Law Allows Doctors to Lie

There’s something very perverse about this law. The doctor-patient relationship becomes entirely meaningless once doctors engage in deception to promote their own personal agendas. At this point, women in Oklahoma would probably be well-advised to seek second opinions for even the most routine ob/gyn exam.

It’s also worth mentioning that although an idiotic law like that would probably have never come up had OK had Democratic majorities in the state legislature, there were plenty of Dems who were more than willing to go along with this outra…ge. Brad Henry’s veto became pretty meaningless this year when it came to bills of this sort. This is bad news not only for women and our perception of the medical profession’s legitimacy, but it will waste plenty of tax dollars while it ends up going through legal battles in the courts.

Kibbutz for everyone!?

Optional work camps for the homeless? Really? Proposed on a “progressive” site? (see above). Doesn’t surprise in a time when another “progressive” site only gets twenty-one comments on the continued ideological crimes and scandals of the Bush administration firing of U.S. Attorneys. As well as a time in which “transparency” is promised but the exact opposite is created. Looking forward not back….

SEC Says New Financial Regulation Law Exempts it From Public Disclosure

Under a little-noticed provision of the recently passed financial-reform legislation, the Securities and Exchange Commission no longer has to comply with virtually all requests for information releases from the public, including those filed under the Freedom of Information Act.

Hidden laws, hidden crimes, when will hidden Star Chamber’s start? Oh, they’ve already started , silly me.

Floyd: Anglo-American Political Philosophy 101: The Poor Must Die

In the last decade of the 20th century, a nation often hailed (not least by itself) as the “world’s greatest democracy” directed a program of savage economic warfare against a broken, defenseless country. This blockade, carried out with an exacting bureaucratic coldness, killed, by very conservative estimate, at least one million innocent people. More than half of these victims were young children.

Dead children. Thousands of dead children. Tens of thousands of dead children, Hundreds of thousands of dead children. Mountains of dead children. Vast pestiferous slagheaps of dead children. This is what the world’s greatest democracy created, deliberately, coldly, as a matter of carefully considered national policy.

The blockade was carried out for one reason only: to force out the broken country’s recalcitrant leader, who had once been an ally and client of the world’s greatest democracy but was no longer considered acquiescent enough to be allowed to govern his strategically placed land and its vast energy resources. The leadership of both of the dominant power factions in the world’s greatest democracy agreed that the deliberate murder of innocent people — more people than were killed in the coterminous genocide in Rwanda — was an acceptable price to pay for this geopolitical objective. To them, the game — that is, the augmentation of their already stupendous, world-shadowing wealth and power — was worth the candle — that is, the death spasms of a child in the final agonies of gastroenteritis, or cholera, or some other easily preventable affliction.

Alfred McCoy – Surveillance State: The Making of the U.S. Internal Security Apparatus

Talk by Alfred McCoy, PhD, on the “Surveillance State: Philippine Pacification & the Making of the U.S. Internal Security Apparatus” given April 23, 2010 and sponsored by the SE Asia Center at the Jackson School at the University of WA.

McCoy ties all these strands together, of the tapestry of horror of 21st century panopticon, in other words, connects the dots to the clanging of the closing doors of what PKD called the Black Iron Prison called America.

Pentagon workers tied to child porn

Note, not one of the big liberal media organizations nor did fair and balanced fox news pick this up.

Via: Boston Globe:

Federal investigators have identified several dozen Pentagon officials and contractors with high-level security clearances who allegedly purchased and downloaded child pornography, including an undisclosed number who used their government computers to obtain the illegal material, according to investigative reports.

The investigations have included employees of the National Security Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — which deal with some of the most sensitive work in intelligence and defense — among other organizations within the Defense Department.

At least two of the cases were contractors with top secret clearances at the National Security Agency, which eavesdrops on foreign communications, according to the documents. When one of the contractors was indicted two years ago, he fled the country and is believed to be hiding in Libya, according to a summary of the investigation from last year. The other was sentenced in 2008 to more than five years in prison and lifetime probation.

A separate case involves a contractor working at the National Reconnaissance Office, the agency that builds and operates the nation’s spy satellites. The individual admitted in 2008 when he was being interviewed to renew his security clearance that he viewed child pornography at least twice a week on his home computer.

As of December, the individual had been transferred to an agency field office in New Mexico and had not been charged. A National Reconnaissance Office spokesman, Rick Oborn, said he was aware of a few cases of agency employees accessing such images but could not immediately say whether the particular contractor was still working for the organization.

The Pentagon’s investigation reports show that personnel found frequenting the illegal websites worked at a variety of Pentagon installations.

Thirteen suspects were identified in California, including individuals who worked at some of the most sensitive military installations on the West Coast. One was a contractor at Edwards Air Force Base, where weapons testing is conducted, while another worked at the Naval Air Warfare Center at China Lake.

Their positions gave the cases priority at the immigration and customs agency that first uncovered them, according to the reports, “because the subjects are DoD employees who possess security clearances.’’

A large amount of pornography was found on the office computer of a program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, including images that appeared to be of children. DARPA is responsible for developing some of the military’s most secret weapons and technologies. Charges were not pursued because there were no images of known victims of abuse, something that is routinely needed to bring charges, the case summary said.

A DARPA spokesman, Eric Mazzacone, declined to comment.

Yeah, though not mentioned, I suspect this has much to do with one brave woman’s confrontation of power… anyone else remember how the Israeli lobby threw boatloads (pun intended) of cash to McKinney’s opponent? Which in turn made her lose her seat in congress? by the nation’s most powerful lobby and attack dog republican group, for her failure to tow the Israeli line, but mostly because she confronts war criminals, corporate media malice in court, defense contractors and jackals during hearings (see below)about sex trafficking in women and children.

Yeah, that Cynthia McKinney:

After watching the above vid, know that she never got her promised written report from these murderers, and she soon lost her seat in congress for asking these embarrassing questions.

Also see, Child Maid Trafficking Spreads to US

War profiteering, sex trafficking, -for the purposes of sexual exploitation- arms dealing, drugs trafficking, “third-party profiteers”(pdf)* are all symptoms of the same malignant disease.

*ACSSA Briefing

Meanwhile, the war on you continues:’Pay czar lets bankers off with bonuses’

Finally see,
“Top Secret America”, a WaPo investigation: anti-democratic, anti-transparent US government secret agencies gone wild

Sunday, July 25, 2010; A17

The Post asked lawmakers, former officials and others whether the intelligence community, as depicted in the recent Post series Top Secret America, was out of control. Below, responses from John Farmer Jr., Michael V. Hayden, Jane Harman, Reuel Marc Gerecht, John McLaughlin, John D. Negroponte and Janine Wedel.


“In a government that seems to reflexively call for congressional hearings at every crisis, the intelligence community must still sometimes operate on the outer edges of executive prerogative.”~MICHAEL V. HAYDEN

Oh? so the intelligence community trumps the executive now? was that before or after the present executive or was that done under the giggling murderer? Sounds closely to Cheney’s famous, “sometimes, we must work the dark side” shit…

NSA is the Enron of the intelligence community.~Jesselyn Radack

DC’s spy establishment in laugher over Washington Post exposé

DC’s spy establishment in panic over Washington Post exposé

The intelligence enterprise has undergone exponential growth and has become unmanageable with overlapping authorities and a heavily outsourced contractor workforce.

The IC and the DoD have wasted significant time and resources, especially in the areas of counterterrorism and counterintelligence.

The intelligence enterprise has taken its eyes off its post-9/11 mission and is spending its energy on competitive and redundant programs.

I can’t imagine that they’re in much of a panic. Now they can persuade people that the “reforms” that will surely be put into place were a “victory for the people” — when, in fact, any “reforms” will be no more than the “better totalitarian security state”

Also see, Former NSA executive Thomas A. Drake may pay high price for media leak

And The Real U.S. Government

Tim Shorrock Asks Why It Took the Washington Post So Long to Investigate the US Intelligence System:

The fed-up citizens of East Germany stormed the archives and dumped the files of the Stasi secret police onto the street. In America, we have a better system. One that works. It’s called waiting for Godot. …

First Amendment Under Attack — Feds Shut Down 73,000 Blogs

Also see, 70,000 Blogs Shut Down by U.S. Law Enforcement

Alex is in a tizzy also

as whack as he is, perhaps he has a point and you should be worried too?…

It could be for anything, like an assumed “imminent release” of 250,000 cables from the US State Department by Wikileaks. Consequences will never be the same…lol

Speaking of dead cities….The complete BBC documentary, “Requiem For Detroit“, is now up for online viewing:

The very first post-industrial city. Stunning.

The apolitical telling of a story where economic/political decisions made all the difference.

It’s MUST SEE stuff.

Darkness in America: Lynne Stewart’s Resentencing

Lynn Stewart, the lawyer sentenced in 2005 to 28 months in prison for aiding convicted terrorist Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, got a new sentence Thursday. 10 years after an appeals court ruled late last year her trial judge went too light on her. Southern District Judge John Koeltl could’ve given the 70-year-old Stewart 30 years, but went easy on her considering her age and failing health.

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