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Monthly Archives: October, 2009

If you smell something suspicious – iWatch

LAPD’s creepy Orwellian anti-terrorism ad (video)–The Live Feed | THR

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

Check out the Los Angeles Police Department’s creepy new public service announcement for its city-wide anti-terrorism iWatch program. The civilian program was launched earlier this month and is endorsed by 63 police chiefs around the country. [Coming to a city near you?]

The ad features wide-eyed, blink-free residents reciting Orwellian mantras and looking as if they’re about to crawl out of your television like that girl in “The Ring.”

So what have we learned by this ad?

We’ve learned that terrorism is actually a crime. And that if we smell something suspicious, we should report it. Think about the power of that…

open trends in the evolving techno-capitalist nightmare…

I posted about the coming Panopticon Singularity before, only perhaps, it’s now here?

First, IBM (those progressive thinkers who brought us Hitler’s Hollerith machines!) has been rolling out slickly produced ads that seem straight out of an Alex Jones tirade.

IBM ads: The “Smart Cities. Smart People” theme

summary: wouldn’t it be cool if every financial transaction, blog, post, email, etc by you…turn it into “intelligence”, identify patterns, and predict what you’ll do? Oh it’ll be good!

summary: facial scanning cameras, pre crime units, biometrics, etc… will be good for you and the planet!

IBM TV – Smarter Public Safety: Protecting Citizens

summary: turning your city into a total control grid will be good for public safety

Smarter Healthcare: Solutions for a Smarter Planet

summary: we need ALL your info, genetic code, medical info, pre-predicted data all connected to a central grid

RFID Commercial – The Future Market

summary: RFID chips are cool!

Smarter Way: The Smarter Planet Anthem

summary: eugenics is back, and its hip baby!

Notice how ALL this is being sold on us, not by post 9/11 fear mongering…but by slick a more “you too can be a hip young ipod listening facebook twittering smart minded liberal!”

Now for people who dont think THEY are data mining the emotional peaks
and American and foreign pavlovian responses to Balloon boy, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Swine Flu, Obama, UHC and other trending memes

It looks like the CIA is openly starting to use advanced technology from outsourced companies to monitor your every email, blog, post, chat, etc

U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets: CIA Will Watch Your Every Move, Including Anti Government Views

“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Part Two first…

Pentagon used psychological operation on US public docs show

Part One…

Senior official in Bush domestic propaganda program remains Obama’s Pentagon spokesman

Fallujah, Sept. 2009: 75% (!) of babies born deformed

2009-10-14 | H.E. Dr. Ali Abdussalam Treki
President of the Sixty-fourth Session of the United Nations General Assembly
United Nations
New York, NY 10017

October 12th 2009

Your Excellency,


Young women in Fallujah in Iraq are terrified of having children because of the increasing number of babies born grotesquely deformed, with no heads, two heads, a single eye in their foreheads, scaly bodies or missing limbs. In addition, young children in Fallujah are now experiencing hideous cancers and leukaemias. These deformities are now well documented, for example in television documentaries on SKY UK on September 1 2009, and on SKY UK June 2008. Our direct contact with doctors in Fallujah report that:

In September 2009, Fallujah General Hospital had 170 new born babies, 24% of whom were dead within the first seven days, a staggering 75% of the dead babies were classified as deformed.

This can be compared with data from the month of August in 2002 where there were 530 new born babies of whom six were dead within the first seven days and only one birth defect was reported.

Doctors in Fallujah have specifically pointed out that not only are they witnessing unprecedented numbers of birth defects but premature births have also considerably increased after 2003. But what is more alarming is that doctors in Fallujah have said, “a significant number of babies that do survive begin to develop severe disabilities at a later stage”.

As one of a number of doctors, scientists and those with deep concern for Iraq, Dr Chris Burns-Cox, a British hospital physician, wrote a letter to the Rt. Hon. Clare Short, M.P. asking about this situation. She wrote a letter to the Rt. Hon.Douglas Alexander, M.P. the Secretary of State of the Department for International Development (a post she had held before she resigned on a matter of principle in May 2003 ) asking for clarification of the position of deformed children in Fallujah.

She received a reply dated 3rd September 2009 (two days after the Sky TV broadcast of 1st September 2009 ) from a junior minister, deputy to The Secretary of State, Mr. Gareth Thomas MP, Duty Minister, Department for International Development. In his reply he denies that there are more than two or three deformed babies in Fallujah in a year and asserts that there is, therefore, no problem. This is at wild variance with reports coming out of Fallujah. One grave digger of a single cemetery is burying four to five babies a day, most of which he says are deformed.

But, you know, we’re looking forward, not back…

Nobel: "Put Up or Shut Up"

I have thought very carefully before adding my voice to the discussion about the 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace. What I’ve discovered is that few, if any, have written or talked about the irony of the award, concentrating on whether Obama “deserved” the prize.

It is obvious that Obama has not “earned” it. But that’s not the point. As many have noted, the Peace Prize has indeed been awarded in the past on an “aspirational” note in the hope that certain efforts had sown the most fertile seeds in the soil of hope. But y’all know how I feel about “hope”: hope don’t feed the bulldog.

I think what the Nobel Committee is saying to Obama is nothing less than “Put Up or Shut Up”. It is a recognition that Obama talks a good game most of time, even considering the contradictions between what he speaks about on the stump and the policies he’s continued or created. The actions don’t match the words – it’s as simple as that. The Committee is saying, “Look, man. Talking peace and making peace just ain’t the same breed of cat”.

Truth be told, some pretty nasty folks have been in the mix in the past. Hitler was nominated. Stalin made off with one. Run your finger down the list of 208 winners and you get the impression that the criteria are sometimes pretty questionable. Even more questionable when you factor in the resouces of the Nobel Institute, the organization of scholars, researchers, and impressive resources which advises the Committee on its selections. George Will’s recent on-the-air comment about “seriousness” is well taken. So awarding the prize to a man who has done little besides make speeches about peace is really not so odious. At least they didn’t choose Ahmadinejad …

[more at P! …]

Wait! So the reform of US health care

REQUIREMENTS FOR INDIVIDUALS: Everyone must get coverage through an employer, on their own or through a government plan. Exemptions for economic hardship. The bill requires individuals and families to buy coverage as long as it costs no more than 8 percent of their income.

is to make it a crime to not purchase private health insurance?

Or have I missed something?

Barack Obama war criminal Depraved Obscene Absurdities

Written by Chris Floyd
Friday, 09 October 2009 14:09

Well, Nobel Was the Inventor of Dynamite, After All

Sometimes you run across a story that defies all comment, rational analysis — even parody. This is one of those times:

In Surprise, Nobel Peace Prize to Obama for Diplomacy (NYT).

To give a peace prize to the commander-in-chief of a war machine now churning its way through the populations of three countries (Iraq/Af-Pak), with innumerable black ops, lightning raids and drone shots on the side …. to a man who even as we speak is deciding just how he wants to kill even more civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan … a man who has enthusiastically embraced as “an extraordinary achievement” one of the most heinous and barbaric acts of military aggression since Hitler rolled across the border into Poland … a man who blusters about leaving “all options on the table,” including the use of mass-murdering nuclear weapons, to bully other nations into compliance with American wishes … to give a peace prize to such a man, while all over the world, there are men and women who have devoted their entire lives to non-violence and reconciliation, many of them suffering imprisonment, torture and ruin for their efforts … well, like I said, it’s beyond words.

But it’s good to see that the spirit of arms merchant Alfred Nobel — purveyor and profiteer of death and destruction — is being honored so perfectly with today’s award.

UPDATE: Arthur Silber has some choice thoughts on the great honour, with a title that says it all: “Depraved, Obscene Absurdities.” Here’s an excerpt:


Almost no one will acknowledge the single, fundamental truth about Barack Obama, the truth of greatest and most terrifying consequence:

Barack Obama is a war criminal.

Many facts overwhelmingly and conclusively compel this judgment, and no other. Not because I say so, but because an honest application of the relevant language of international law, as well as of the Nuremberg Principles, necessitates the conclusion.

Silber then points us to some excellent chapter and verse backing up that statement of truth. Later on:


History, facts, unimaginable brutality, torture, widescale murder, bodies ripped apart, guts spilling out of blood-drenched bodies, arms, legs and heads sundered and tossed aside to be gnawed on by starving animals, souls destroyed, never again to experience joy or happiness for even a moment — all of this is minimized, ignored, denied, even mocked as the perpetrators of this immense evil and those who enable and support them (which is most people) claim that those who identify the truth are “exaggerating.” “Oh, don’t be such a doomsayer. Don’t be so gloomy and dire. It’s not that bad!”

These denials are easily known to be lies: an honest observer need only open his eyes, look and see. This is precisely what the great majority of people will never do.

He concludes:


Large-scale denial and avoidance impose terrifying costs. Today’s story may simply be absurd, and it undeniably is. The man or woman, or child, whose life and mind are seared beyond recognition in the next minute, and hour, and day, and year, in all the nightmare years to come, is condemned to torment and death by the lies upon which we insist, the lies we refuse to give up or even question.

But read the whole thing, and follow the links. Words may have failed me in this instance; but they have most assuredly not failed Silber.

UPDATE II: The Guardian gives a view from Kabul on Obama’s peace prize:


“I don’t know how he can get this prize,” said Najeeb, a 30-year-old shopkeeper attending a friend’s wedding party. “Maybe it’s been awarded for all the houses they are bombing, or perhaps it’s for all his soldiers that are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Next to him a local staff member of a western NGO called Elyas wondered whether Obama will ever be able to bring peace to Afghanistan. “Obama and his favourite president [Karzai] haven’t been able to do anything here. We used to be able to drive to Kunduz and Mazar-i-Sharif [two northern cities considered safe until recently] but now we can’t because fighters are coming to the roads and looting people.”

By 1966, Wackenhut could confidently state that it had secret files on 4 million Americans

SID — a unit, known as founder and chairman George Wackenhut’s “private FBI,” that provided executive protection and conducted undercover investigations and sting operations. Once they arrived, they rented two gray Ford Taurus’s and drove four hours to a desolate town on the Mexican border called Eagle Pass. There, just after dark, they met two truck drivers who had been flown in from Houston. Inside a nearby warehouse was an 18-wheel tractor-trailer, which the two truck drivers and the four Wackenhut agents in their rented cars were supposed to transport to Chicago. “My instructions were very clear,” Ramirez recalls.

“Do not look into the trailer, secure it, and make sure it safely gets to Chicago.” It went without saying that no one else was supposed to look in the trailer, either, which is why the Wackenhut men were armed with fully loaded Remington 870 pump-action shotguns.

The convoy drove for 30 hours straight, stopping only for gas and food. Even then, one of the Wackenhut agents had to stay with the truck, standing by one of the cars, its trunk open, shotgun within easy reach. “Whenever we stopped, I bought a shot glass with the name of the town on it,” Ramirez recalls. “I have glasses from Oklahoma City, Kansas City, St. Louis.”

A little before 5:00 on the morning of the third day, they delivered the trailer to a practically empty warehouse outside Chicago. A burly man who had been waiting for them on the loading dock told them to take off the locks and go home, and that was that. They were on a plane back to Miami that afternoon. Later Ramirez’s superiors told him—as they told other SID agents about similar midnight runs—that the trucks contained $$40 million worth of food stamps. After considering the secrecy, the way the team was assembled and the orders not to stop or open the truck, Ramirez decided he didn’t believe that explanation.

Neither do we. One reason is simple: A Department of Agriculture official simply denies that food stamps are shipped that way. “Someone is blowing smoke,” he says. Another reason is that after a six-month investigation, in the course of which we spoke to more than 300 people, we believe we know what the truck did contain—equipment necessary for the manufacture of chemical weapons—and where it was headed: to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. And the Wackenhut Corporation—a publicly traded company with strong ties to the CIA and federal contracts worth $$200 million a year—was making sure Saddam would be getting his equipment intact. The question is why.

IN 1954, GEORGE WACKENHUT, THEN A 34-YEAR-old former FBI agent, joined up with three other former FBI agents to open a company in Miami called Special Agent Investigators Inc. The partnership was neither successful nor harmonious—George once knocked partner Ed Dubois unconscious to end a disagreement over the direction the company would take—and in 1958, George bought out his partners.

However capable Wackenhut’s detectives may have been at their work, George Wackenhut had two personal attributes that were instrumental in the company’s growth. First, he got along exceptionally well with important politicians. He was a close ally of Florida governor Claude Kirk, who hired him to combat organized crime in the state, and was also friends with Senator George Smathers, an intimate of John F. Kennedy’s.

It was Smathers who provided Wackenhut with his big break when the senator’s law firm helped the company find a loophole in the Pinkerton law, the 1893 federal statute that had made it a crime for an employee of a private detective agency to do work for the government. Smathers’s firm set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Wackenhut that provided only guards, not detectives. Shortly thereafter, Wackenhut received multimillion-dollar contracts from the government to guard Cape Canaveral and the Nevada nuclear-bomb test site, the first of many extremely lucrative federal contracts that have sustained the company to this day.

more at the link…

"Nothing is Real"; ‘live’ CNN coverage, 1991 Gulf

More on La Société du spectacle…

CNN Fake Newscast

CNN’s hoax on America. REAL VIDEO PROOF!! NO BS!!!

“This video first appeared on YouTube roughly a year ago, but I did not see it until just now. Using behind-the-scenes footage, it shows CNN ‘war correspondent’ Charles Jaco allegedly in Saudi Arabia covering a missile attack. (For better quality, see here. You can see more behind-the-scenes footage — plus a remake of the above scene with different costuming — here, or just scroll down to the bottom of this post.)

I beg you to stick with this clip until the very end. The last minute of this video is mind-blowing. This is not an exercise in evidence-free paranoia-mongering.

Jaco now works for a Fox affiliate.

In the past, I’ve often talked about the day the statue of Saddam was pulled down during Gulf War II. American teevee viewers thought that the act was a spontaneous demonstration by the citizens of Baghdad. In fact, the people who actually lived in the city were kept behind barricades. The whole thing was staged, with Ahmed Chelabi’s rent-a-goons playing the Baghdadis.

That same day, the Los Angeles ABC affiliate showed what they claimed to be footage (allegedly taken that very morning) of Saddam’s fearsome Republican Guard mounting a counter-offensive against the Americans in Baghdad. I had seen the same footage two days earlier on a foreign-language cable channel. It was shot in a completely different city by a French crew — and the ‘Republican Guard’ were actually a handful of dunderheaded extremists from Syria. The real Republican Guard was bought off and did not fight.

After relying on a questioned document, Dan Rather was tossed out of the news business. But Charles Jaco still works in what he is pleased to call ‘journalism.’ As do, no doubt, many of the dozens of people at CNN who knew about this massive deception.”

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