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Monthly Archives: September, 2007

OVO blog September 2007

A sample of what appeared in OVO blog this month:

  • Cartoons, Two Responses: “Islam, like all of us, has two choices.”
  • Child Rape Yes, Magic Cookie No: Communion denied Senator Kerry on orders of Cardinal who confimed the Crimine Soliciaciones.
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The Mormons): “Learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints than most LDS members know.”
  • Dr. Condoleezza Rice: “Could it be that Dr. Rice is okay with people of non-traditional sexuality?”
  • Evolution and Those Who Prefer Not to Evolve: “This atheist hopes to see you down here in the foxholes soon, tovarish.”
  • FEMA Funding Clergy to Quell Unrest: “Should United States clergy go along with martial law they will be doing God’s work.”
  • For Religious Purposes: “If keeping an amputated body part is legal as long as it is for religious purposes, would a court forbid an atheist from owning his or her amputated body parts? What about someone keeping their amputated body part for aesthetic reasons?”
  • Happy Birthday Anne Gaylor: “Nothing fails like prayer.”
  • I Am Going to Murder Christians On Sight: “Nobody ever really said the above.”
  • Jesus is a Busy Fellow: “Jesus had time to tell Focus on the Family to give Jimmy Buffet’s new album a bad review, but not enough time to focus on the families being killed in Iraq”
  • Kill ‘Em All, Let God Sort ‘Em Out: “How awesome that magic spells are going to take care of the vets that Bush isn’t going to take care of!”
  • Metzizah B’peh: “the practice of adult men sucking blood from the mutilated genitals of infant boys.”
  • O ye who believe: “It seems that the invisible monster that lives in the sky is fed by blood and deceit.”
  • Oh, But He’s Not a Real Christian: “There is a basic problem with the logic of saying that he’s not a real Christian because real Christians do not behave in that way.”
  • Olympic Security: “How many articles have you seen on the real history of religious terrorism at the Olympics?”
  • Outing: “When a person has a private habit that harms/benefits only themselves and those who make informed decisions to be involved, it’s just plain nobody else’s business.”
  • Paul Crouch: “Paul Crouch is a good Christian man. He is one of the multi-millionaires behind TBN.”
  • Paying the Piper: “First, get the votes (such votes as not generated by rigged machines, that is).”
  • Preserving Our National Heritage: “The bill, which was passed 247-173, would prohibit federal courts, including the Supreme Court, from hearing cases involving the Ten Commandments and would prevent federal courts from preparing, serving or consuming lamb prepared with the milk of it’s mother.”
  • President Bush Violates Executive Order 12333 2.11 and 2.12: “Just in case all the other arguments for the impeachment and war crimes trial of President Bush fail, here’s another one.”
  • Prudishness: “Three people cost Fox $1.2 million.”
  • Rescuing Values from Christianity: “We can start with a reminder that whatever a person holds as a moral value, they hold it because it is true.”
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse: “Between the Christian panic over Dungeons and Dragons and the Christian panic over the Internet came the Christian panic of ‘satanic ritual abuse.'”
  • Twenty Recommended Art Links: books and paper, old art, random art.
  • U. S. Senator David Vitter: “I guess the voters of Louisiana haven’t learned anything yet about Sen. Vitter.”
  • Unit Bias as a Stressor for Media Piracy: “People with a sense of unit bias need to fill their ipods but the means to do so legally are not as readily available as the means to do so illegally.”
  • We Don’t Try to Do Illegal Things: “What do you do when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar?”
  • What We’re Up Against: “Sixty percent of those asked believed that the story of Noah and the ark literally occurred word for word as described in the Bible.”
  • Who to Believe?: “What makes secular bodies superior to religious bodies is that they can freely admit error and change for the better.”

As well as an original piece by the late Kerry Wendell Thornley titled Saint Distaff’s Day.

FCC Proposes ‘Fake News’ Fine …WTF?

Somebody at the Guardian should take a refresher course in basic English after that one. Is the FCC fining fakers, or are they saying that faking is fine? Funny, there’s so much fanfare for frivolous fakery while federal-level fictions frequently fail to be fettered.


Iranian academics ask 10 questions from Columbia University president

Iranian president speaks at Columbia University amidst media frenzy

Ahmedinjad was nicely verbally assassinated by the University President before he even reached the stage. The anti ahmedinjad protests had all the ‘innocence’ of a nazi youth rally during the olympics and the Pres. of Columbia university bollinger appeared to be the more ‘fanatic’ & fundamentalist, perhaps bollinger holds the bill o’reilly chair of moral philosophy, ahmadinejad, hardly the sharpest engineer in the metalshop but verily at columbia he was einstein before the apes. Any decent human being, – in any formal cultural setting, in any nation of this planet – would at least have let the invited guest speak his words and then afterwards, allow him to answer questions. There was no need to begin with insults.

You know like the goons who tazered Andrew Meyer, Bollinger seems to be oblivious off the cultural image he projects but don’t take my word for it, watch it or read it for yourselves.

Trevor Blake: President Bush Violates Executive Order 12333 2.11 and 2.12

On February 22, 2003, President George W. Bush met with President José María Aznar of Spain at President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. Information about that meeting is is now online [article] [transcript]. Some excerpts, translated by way of Metafilter:

Bush: I prefer the 10th. This is like good cop, bad cop. To me, it doesn’t matter who is the bad cop and that Blair be the good cop.
Aznar: Is it true that there’s a possibility for Saddam to be exiled?
Bush: Yes, it’s a possibility. Also that he be assassinated.

Executive Order 12333 2.11 Prohibition on Assassination: No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination.

Executive Order 12333 2.12 Indirect Participation: No agency of the Intelligence Community shall participate in or request any person to undertake activities forbidden by this Order.

Just in case all the other arguments for the impeachment and war crimes trial of President Bush fail, here’s another one.

Now might be a good time to repeat comments and questions I made in January 2007: In no way is the fact that George Bush considers himself not subject to the Constitution of the United States a difficult to find fact. Why is it that most Americans aren’t up in (metaphorical) arms that the rule of law has been suspended in their country? Where’s that ‘class consciousness’ the left speaks of, the correcting mechanism that is activated by oppression and that causes oppressed groups to act in their own best interest, not in the interest of the rulers?

Craig Murray website taken down!

Craig Murray is a valuable voice on the internet. I’ve read everything on his site, he has credible information and is unafraid to speak the truth as he sees it. No doubt he is irksome to many, and not just Russian billionaire mafia types.

Craig Murray is the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and he exposed complicity in torture and quit to go whistleblower.

Recently he outed the British military’s role in enabling the massive Afghanistan opium crop.
I would think that would be why he’s getting cyber-censored.

Interesting that football is being offered as a reason.

Usmanov aims legal arsenal at bloggers

See here for more…

Anyone wishing to contact the illustrious legal firm Schillings to tell them what they think about spam mail can always post it to:


Colorado sheriff creates roadblock so private firm can demand DNA blood sample

Alcohol surveys spur complaints
A motorist who was stopped wants a halt to voluntary testing that is so “persistent” it feels like a DUI checkpoint.
By Christopher N. Osher
Denver Post Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 09/18/2007 06:12:59 AM MDT

Roberto Sequeira says he was traveling northbound on Hwy. 119 in Gilpin County with his family one night recently and was stopped at a traffic checkpoint by a research group saying they were attempting to collect data on drugs and alcohol and asked if they could breathylize him. Posing for a portrait in his car in Boulder on Monday, Sept. 17, 2007, Sequeira says he repeatedly asked if they were law enforcement officials and said he was not interested in participating in the study, but was not given clearance to leave. (Post / Kathryn Scott Osler)The Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office was apologizing Monday after a weekend effort to help a research group led to complaints about what appeared to be a DUI checkpoint – but wasn’t.

Sheriff’s officials who participated in the stops now acknowledge that the nonprofit organization requesting voluntary DUI and drug tests from drivers was overly persistent, according to complaints.

“It was like a telemarketer that you couldn’t hang up on,” said Gilpin County Undersheriff John Bayne.

Sgt. Bob Enney said deputies assisted the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in stopping motorists at five sites along Colorado 119 for surveys on any drug and alcohol use. Surveyors then asked the motorists to voluntarily submit to tests of their breath, blood and saliva. At least 200 drivers were tested, Enney said. About five motorists later complained, he said.

Roberto Sequeira, 51, said he and his wife, Terry, were detained for 15 minutes Friday evening despite their protestations that they needed to get their sleepy 10-year-old child back to their home in Nederland.

He said they had to deal with two Pacific Institute researchers. After Sequeira’s repeated refusals, the officials offered his wife, who was driving, $100 in an attempt to get the couple to participate in a DUI breath test.

Unfortunately, it says only 5 people out of at least 200 complained,
so the sheeple are getting what they deserve.

Meanwhile, Page taken down from MSNBC.com: Scrubbed: U.S. collecting personal data on travelers

Search for this story on MSNBC.com is still listed (third item down on search page)

Alternative news agency report:
U.S. collecting personal data on travelers

Also Buried in the September 5 issue of the Federal Register, was a notice that last Thursday, September 20th, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) held public hearings on their Secure Flight Plan. (pdf) Of course it wasn’t announced very loudly if you know what I mean.

Beginning in February 2008, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will implement their ¨Advance Passenger Information System (APIS),¨ the gist of which is that you will need permission from the United States Government to travel on any air or sea vessel that goes to, from or through the U.S. The travel companies will not be able to issue a boarding pass until you are cleared by DHS. This applies to ALL passengers, US citizens and visitors alike. And how do you get said permission to travel? That´s for your government to know and you to never find out.

Now TSA proposes to do for domestic travel what APIS will do for international routes. That´s what I said: the new TSA rule would require that you obtain PERMISSION to travel within the U.S.

Here is the summary of their proposed rules, which seem so reasonable, couched as they are in the blandness of governmenteez [emphasis added].

The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA) requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to assume from aircraft operators the function of conducting pre-flight comparisons of airline passenger information to Federal Government watch lists for international and domestic flights.


This rule proposes to allow TSA to … receive passenger and certain non-traveler information, conduct watch list matching … and transmit boarding pass printing instructions back to aircraft operators.


TSA would do so in a consistent and accurate manner while minimizing false matches and protecting privacy information.

Right. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn…

We propose that, when the Secure Flight rule becomes final, aircraft operators would submit passenger information to DHS through a single DHS portal for both the Secure Flight and APIS programs. This would [result] in one DHS system responsible for watch list matching for all aviation passengers.

Don´t you feel great knowing that your government will use economies of scale to protect you?

Edward Hasbrough states that these rules are more insidious than merely complying to demands for ¨Your papers please.¨ He states,

The proposal … require[s] that travellers display their government-issued credentials not to government agents but to airline personnel (staff or contractors), whenever the DHS orders the airline to demand them. But since the orders to demand ID of [certain passengers] will be given to the airline in secret, … travellers will have no way to verify whether … demands for ID are actually based on government orders.

Think about that: you will not be allowed to verify if the person demanding your papers is actually authorized to do so. In addition, the airlines or their contractors (or sub or even sub sub contractors) have the right, under the proposed rules, to do anything they like with your personal information including:

keep copies of your passport … as long as they like, use it, publish it, broadcast it, sell it, rent it, or pass it on to whomever they please…. [T]hey would have no obligation to get your permission for any of this.

Aside from the privacy issue, this is the DHS. Their past performance is an indication of future returns and we can look forward to true travel nightmares beginning February 19, 2008. Just think about the mess that occurred when CBP demanded that travelers to Canada and Mexico have a passport. Multiply that by orders of magnitude to imagine what travelers will be facing.

If you can, please attend the TSA hearings on Thursday (Grand Hyatt Washington, 1000 H Street, N.W. beginning at 8:00am). If you can´t attend in person, you have until October 22, 2007 to submit written comments through the Docket Management System. The docket number is TSA-2007-28572.

Papers please !

No word on what became of all this yet…

Bush on Blackwater USA

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States…

This YouTube clip is an old clip that’s not referring to the past month’s events regarding Blackwater.

What’s important about the clip is the example of the “Play Dumb/Inept” strategy.

“What law governs their actions?” the student asks.

“I was gonna ask (someone else), heh heh,” the pResident replies.

But wait:

Bush issued Executive Order 13303 on May 22, 2003 by United States President George W. Bush to protect the Development Fund for Iraq for the rebuilding of Iraq from any legal attachments or liens. Further, it protects Iraqi oil products and interests and ownership by US persons (defined to include US corporations) from attachment as well. Executive Order 13303 also terminates sanctions specified in EO 12722, EO 12724, EO 13290, as it applies to the development fund. In effect, EO 13303 provides an extraordinarily broad legal shield for any and all contractors and mercenaries working in Iraq on behalf of US corporations in any oil related enterprise.

Bush certainly did not write EO13303 but, Bush certainly knows about EO13303. His liability was explained to him, so that Bush could generally evade answers to questions (such as the student’s) and not be caught by surprise.

What’s important here is (a) we don’t react with disgust and contempt for Bush’s inappropriate “humor” because (b) the strategy of “Play Dumb/Inept” is more important and more dangerous.

Team Bush/Rove/Cheney and their handlers have smartly crafted a strategy which uses most Americans’ disgust for incompetence, for ineptness, for bad grammar, for Southern U.S. stereotypes, for social inexplicata against them.

The American Middle Class is being destroyed by justifiable but minor Middle Class prejudices.

His is not the Muppet he pretends to be.

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