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Why Richard Dawkins is a Mean Ol Atheist

We all know that the thing that’s wrong with Richard Dawkins is that he’s mean. He’s a mean ‘ol atheist who’s taking your hope away. I tend to think there are reasons why Richard Dawkins is a mean ol atheist.

Here’s reason 49 as to why Richard Dawkins is a mean ol atheist.

Impeach Gonzales

Not that I believe it will do any good of course…


Also see, Article III.

When there are 32 pieces on the chess board. When the real moves are the next three, not the one you see.


A friend from Seattle sent me the following:

Local TV news here says soldiers from Fort Lewis (Washington State) will no longer have individual memorial services for its K.I.A. “There is simply too much volume to honor all the fallen” says base spokesman. There were 19 base K.I.I.’s last month alone. So there will be monthly group services held instead.

(I wonder if they’ll be buried in mass graves as well)

Todd Snider: one of America’s great unsung songwriters

Conservative Christian, Right Wing Republican, Straight White American Males


Palast on Chavez

Stunning video profile of Hugo Chavez by Real Journalist Greg Palast. There are three parts (part one here and part three here) to the interview at the Youtubes. Part two is what I’m showing here. Contrast this with the Hightower vid of what we’re doing in Iraq and what we would probably like Venezuela to be. The United States, especially under this particularly vile Republican crew, has become a force for evil in this world. There really isn’t any other way to put it.

"If the president wants to go to war, our job is to find the intelligence to allow him to do so."

…sayeth the head of the CIA’s lead team on Iraqi WMD, in December 2002.

Honorable Andy Jacobs exposes bi-partisan sellout of US

Listen to the very end…

Dr. Laura’s Little Monster

So the “kid” of “my kid’s mom” appears to have grown up into a sociopath. Yes, Derek Schlessinger, beloved soldier-boy scion of talk radio’s Queen of Moralizing Mean, has shown the world just what it means to be Dr. Laura’s kid.

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