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Monthly Archives: July, 2006

Anti-war protest grows within Israel

Yesh Gvul, the advocacy organization for Israelis who refuse service in the occupied territories, reports that Israeli military authorities have sentenced an IDF reservist to 28 days in prison for refusing to take part in the ongoing attacks against Lebanon. Capt. (Res.) Amir Pasteur defended his refusal, saying that “taking part in this war runs contrary to the values upon which he was brought up”.

Also, Israeli daily Haaretz reports on mounting Israeli opposition to Israel’s actions in Lebanon, in the wake of the Qana bombing.

Welcome To Schizoia

A book review from Swan’s Commentary:

Of the many failures that mark Bush’s life, perhaps the most significant is his failure to become a man. Ordinarily, the developmental stage of “phallic narcissism” gives way around age six. Not so for W. In his crucial early years, his frequently absent father couldn’t help him develop autonomy by separating from his overbearing mother and her “beautiful mind.” He can fool himself and a few others with his erect posture, bulging biceps and “bring em on” bravado, but the rest of the world sees a scared little boy hopelessly dependent on his substitute president, Cheney, and his substitute mom, Laura. While most phallic narcissists have to settle for a well-equipped Jeep Commander, Bush “has the entire US military to function as his penis, and he swings it around with fierce power.”


If there’s a flaw to Bush on the Couch, it’s that Frank’s explanations of policy decisions tend to be psychologically reductive. There’s obviously more to the invasion of Iraq than Bush’s need to one-up his dad. But Frank ably demonstrates the usefulness of psychological inquiry as a complement to geopolitical considerations. The neocons who put this true-believer in power to provide cover for their sinister projects may not have realized what they were getting themselves into. As the Republican Party fragments and the Middle East ignites, the puppet president “engages the nation both as agent and victim in a perilous psychodrama that rages far beyond his control.”

How Decent Jewish American Intellectuals Respond to Civilian Slaughter As Opposed to Fred Lapides

From Max Sawicky:


peacenow.jpg July 29, Tel Aviv — Women against the War: Coalition of Women for Peace, Achoti, ASWAT, Bat Shalom, Women in Black, Fora, Tandi, Women against violence, Altafula, New Profile, The Fifth Mother, WILPF, Neled, Beit Nashim Feministy, “Itihad al Nissa al Takdumi,” Kian – Feminist organization. (Link)

Here’s a good piece by Uri Avnery.

Here’s a bad piece by Brent Scowcroft, perhaps useful as a sign of what some elites are thinking — that the current atrocities can somehow be parlayed into a comprehensive Mideast settlement that degrades Syria and Iran. I think he’s nuts, though not in the same way as Condi.

A commenter here suggests that Israel is doing just what the U.S. wants. I have my doubts. The Lebanon adventure supplies an escalation of the neo-cons’ beloved “war of civilizations” (also beloved by OBL) that the U.S. alone was unprepared to initiate in Iraq.

Of course there will be always be some who apologize for whatever Israel does, like Alan Dershowitz and Charles Krauthammer. I think Israel is basically opposed to the democratic and economic development of any Arab or Muslim state. By thrashing around they maintain a region of tension and bind the U.S. ever closer to their isolation. The trump card in their minds is that when the inevitable provocations touch the U.S. directly, endless U.S. air power will do to their enemies what they are doing to Lebanon. This is not in the interests of the U.S.

Worse than a crime, it’s a mistake.

See also Josh, here and here.

Some things you need to know before the world ends

For anybody who still believes that ANYONE in Washington should be supported, how about this chilling little item fom Bill Blum’s latest anti-empire report:

Since 9-11 it has been a calculated US-Israeli tactic to label the fight against Israel’s foes as an integral part of the war on terror. On July 19, a rally was held in Washington, featuring the governor of Maryland, several members of Israeli-occupied Congress, the Israeli ambassador, and evangelical leading-light .John Hagee. The Washington Post reported that “Speaker after prominent speaker characteriz[ed] current Israeli fighting as a small branch of the larger U.S.-led global war against Islamic terrorism” and “Israel’s attacks against the Shiite Muslim group Hezbollah were blows against those who have killed civilians from Bali to Bombay to Moscow.” Said the Israeli ambassador: “This is not just about [Israel]. It’s about where our world is going to be and the fate and security of our world. Israel is on the forefront. We will amputate these little arms of Iran,” referring to Hezbollah.[5]

And if the war on terror isn’t enough to put Israel on the side of the angels, John Hagee has argued that “the United States must join Israel in a pre-emptive military strike against Iran to fulfill God’s plan for both Israel and the West”. He speaks of “a biblically prophesied end-time confrontation with Iran, which will lead to the Rapture, Tribulation, and Second Coming of Christ.”[6]

Not only did not a single congresscritter dissent from the Poliburo’s party line incorporating Israel’s battle against their neighbors with the ever-expanding TWAT (The War Against Terror), but it is even more chilling that not a single one spoke out against Hagee’s eschatological excrescense! Not a one of them….. What does that tell us? Is there really room for all of them to be magically “raptured up” to Cheney’s “secret hiding place” in the hills of West Virginia. Surely, there is no room left over for you and me.

Note: Scroll down to *Anti-Empire Report, July 22, 2006

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