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Monthly Archives: May, 2006

Can An Australian Blogger Bring Down Speaker Hastert?

On top of the above and In light of recent developments Mr. Speaker is in deep dodo.. This certainly casts Hastert’s level of concern over the FBI raids of Congressional offices in a different light eh?

Also see: The blogsite devoted exclusively to Hastert and his financial shenanigans: Lukery kicking ass!; disclose, denny!

Reverend Pat Robertson

Remember the old story about Moses and the ten commandments? God gave Moses the ten commandments, Moses brought them to the people, but when Moses saw the people were doing bad things he destroyed the ten commandments. Then God gave Moses another copy, and that’s the ten commandments we have today. Remember that old story?

Well, then you remember wrong. Read the ten commandments God gave Moses in Exodus 20, then read the replacement ten commandments in Exodus 35. They aren’t the same, are they?

Maybe that’s what confused Reverend Pat Robertson. Maybe he doesn’t know which ten commandments he should be following, so he just does what he wants and then asks God to forgive him. Maybe he even says ‘well, God, you didn’t make it clear to me, so you just have yourself to blame.’ For example, maybe Rev. Robertson doesn’t know it isn’t right to lie and say you can lift two thousand pounds in a leg press [ABC] [CBN].

I’m all for people telling fibs for art, or fun, or to trick themselves into accomplishing more in life. I don’t mind that Rev. Robertson tells fibs about himself. If he tells his TV audience that prayers heals disease then turns around and gets surgery for himself, that’s between him and his believers. If he tells his TV audience that prayers turn away hurricanes then hurricanes don’t turn away, let him and his believers work that out. But when he plays bad cop to the good cop Bush White House, invests in blood diamonds, and gets endorsement the government, I wonder if there is any hope for the United States.

Heaven forbid Rev. Robertson demonstrate his magic powers in front of professional magicians.

Owned: Jefferson’s Wall of Separation. Take It Back.

Quite an interesting post on dominionism.

The Christian Right has been as successful as it has been, because it has a vision for obtaining sufficient political power to advance its agenda. The principal way it has advanced it’s vision has been via the Republican Party and electoral politics. Therefore it stands to reason that any rejoinder to the Christian Right must include a broadly based engagement of citizens in electoral life. If one accepts this, it then follows that everything else is subsidiary to this focus. Does that mean that everything written or thought about the religious right needs to be processed through a filter of electoral politics? Of course not. However, in developing a political strategy, in my view, there is no substitute.

Also see: President Bush: “Prepare For Endless War.”
from Damascus to Tehran

New Greg Palast Book: Short Version: They stole 2004 and plan to steal 2008

Item: By the way, some of the fallout from the work at the Free Press and now Greg Palast (again), is that America Coming Together actually worked in about 16 of 17 states. What we didn’t count on were the hackable machines and how liberal republicans were in purging opposition voters off of the rolls. For example, I know that we–and not just ACT but ACORN and Vote America–registered about 100000 new voters in Ohio. However, black theocrat in training Ken Blackwell, purged about 300000 voters from the rolls so we actually lost ground. Then there’s the 90000 provisional ballots that they never counted and that Kerry never fought for.

Item: Speaking of stolen elections, Greg Palast has a new book out. Please check out his interview here on Democracy Now.

AMY GOODMAN: You broke this on BBC.

GREG PALAST: Yeah, I broke this on BBC, and to get in the United States, we got Michael Moore to put on a chicken suit and report it here as a joke. And then, thank you very much, Amy, for bringing it across the water and breaking through the electronic Berlin Wall. By the way, all of these stories are stories developed out of BBC and Guardian that basically are blacked out, except for here on Democracy Now! That’s very important, because these are the stories that they don’t want you to have for good reason. And they don’t want you to have it, because — I then followed up with 2004. Now, it’s accepted 2000 pretty much was fixed. Well, there’s a chapter, “Kerry won.” 2004 was fixed. And the way it was done is that 3.6 million votes were cast and never counted in the United States. That’s very important to know. This isn’t Greg Palast conspiracy nut stuff.

AMY GOODMAN: Say the number again
GREG PALAST: 3.6 million ballots cast, never counted. And that’s because they call these spoiled votes or rejected provisional ballots, 1.9 million so-called provisional ballots, and then, most of those don’t get counted. And so, whose votes don’t get counted? If it was random, it wouldn’t matter. In other words, if these were votes where the machine doesn’t record it properly, hanging chads, extra marks on a paper ballot, you had the wrong address on your absentee ballot, etc.

Three million ballots. Whose ballots? If you’re a black person, the chance your ballot will be technically invalidated is 900% higher than if you’re a white voter. Hispanic voter, 500% higher than if you’re a white voter. Native Americans, it’s like 2,000% higher than if you’re a white voter. The overwhelming majority — and I went to the state of New Mexico, which supposedly Bush won by 5,000 votes, 89% of the ballots were cast out of minority precincts that were thrown away. Kerry won New Mexico. You go into the dumpster, and it’s black votes, 155,000 black votes that were chucked away in Ohio. Kerry won those votes. He won Ohio.

Read and listen to the whole thing as they say.

Item: More audio excerpts from Greg Palast’s new and very depressing book. One has Ed Asner reading from the film Network and the other is by Brad (from Bradblog).

Tabloid Times, Sleeper VEEP

I have several new limerick posts including these:

Tabloid Times
“Are Bill and Hill still having sex?
By that question, the Times seems perplexed…”
Tabloid Times is continued here.

Ode To Rep. Jefferson
“Rep. Jefferson seems to have stashed
90 grand in his freezer – cold cash…”
Ode To Rep. Jefferson is here.

Sleeper VEEP
“There once was a GOP VEEP
Who in meetings fell soundly asleep…”
Sleeper VEEP is continued here.

Frist And Hastert Rediscover The Constitution
“Frist and Hastert don’t care if the Bush administration invades the privacy of ordinary citizens. Nor do they seem bothered by the Executive branch’s brazen power grab, evidenced by Bush’s “de facto veto” signing statements, Congressional oversight avoidance, and sundry law breaking. But just let the Justice Department mess with one of their own, by raiding his House office, then suddenly Frist and Hastert whip out their long forgotten copies of the Separation of Powers clause…”

Frist And Hastert Rediscover The Constitution is continued here.

Why didn´t I see this in the US press? Host springs surprise for PM

Nuri al-Maliki, the new Iraqi prime minister, had a surprise for Tony Blair and his entourage in Baghdad yesterday. At a joint press conference, Mr Maliki said British troops would hand over responsibility in two provinces to Iraqi security forces by next month and that he expected US, British and other foreign troops out of 16 of the country’s 18 provinces by the end of the year, a much speedier and more ambitious schedule than the US and Britain have so far admitted to.

The announcement was news to Mr Blair and his team. Mr Maliki said there was an agreement with the British: but British officials said there was no agreement. And he said the withdrawals would be in June: officials say it will be July.

Mr Blair was more vague than the Iraqi prime minister. He insisted that there was no timetable and that the handover to Iraqi forces would depend on the prevailing conditions.

It does explain the coming emergency meeting between Blair and Bush. What will they do now?

Maliki should probably avoid small planes and the like …

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