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Monthly Archives: October, 2005

Sir, the Gamers Are Revolting!

“The idea was to use the game to transfer knowledge about nonviolent action,” said Marovic. “The game can help more than movies and books because activists can simulate different situations and try different strategies before they try them in real life.”

Marovic sees games as a weapon of change, and so does BreakAway Games. For the last few years, the Maryland-based developer has been a leader in what it calls “serious games.” [more]

If this is PC-only, I’m going to have to buy a PC.

Anti-snitching apparel becomes hot fashion trend

Watch what you say, what you do, and what you wear!

“Stop Snitching” T-shirts are one of Milwaukee’s hottest fashion trends. […] The shirts’ message – interpreted with slightly varying twists – essentially urges people to stop talking to and cooperating with police. […] But the shirts are fueling more than fashion, police and prosecutors say. They send a dangerous message to others that, if followed, has the potential to “destabilize the whole criminal justice system,” according to John Chisholm, Milwaukee County assistant district attorney.

La Repubblica has published the first of a new series of articles of U.S.-Italian collaboration in preparing for the war in Iraq.

The Italian “stop” of the mighty Wurlitzer has once
again been pulled, as La Repubblica
who doing some amazing work.

Also see:

Who is Francis Brooke you may ask… he is the chief assistant in Washington to Ahmed Chalabi, head of the Iraqi National Congress. Brooke also was principal founder and director of the Iraq Liberation Action Committee, which favored Hussein’s ouster.

Breaking free from the "Free Speech Zone"

man infiltrates bush speech

The story of a man who infiltrated Bush’s speech in Norfolk on Friday:

…a man stood up in Chrysler Hall, yanked open his shirt to expose his “Dump Bush” T-shirt in full view of shocked members of Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network seated nearby and cried, “War is terrorism! Torture is terrorism!” before he was hustled out by security people.

“That was me,” says Tom Palumbo, anti-war activist and, now, presidential party-crasher. “I think maybe he heard me. I know he looked befuddled.”

A Patriot Crashes the Party (Common Dreams).

(via Robot Wisdom)

The Creative Activist.

Real Life: Ten very surprising things about Iran

Transsexuals are permitted to have sex-change operations in Iran by the decree of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini himself. The founder of the Islamic republic passed a fatwa allowing one transsexual woman to have the operation because sexual ambiguity made it impossible for her to carry out her religious duties properly. Iran now has dozens of people who have had a sex change.

Bush losing faith in Cheney, top aides

Time called the past seven days “The Week from Hell” for Bush, the worst week in his nearly five years as president, and has left him somewhat estranged from key members of his team.

And a blast from the Past RollingStone.com:The Curse of Dick Cheney

This pattern of misplaced confidence in Cheney, followed by disastrous results, runs throughout his life — from his days as a dropout at Yale to the geopolitical chaos he has helped create in Baghdad. Once you get to know his history, the cycle becomes clear: First, Cheney impresses someone rich or powerful, who causes unearned wealth and power to be conferred on him. Then, when things go wrong, he blames others and moves on to a new situation even more advantageous to himself.

“Cheney’s manner and authority of voice far outstrip his true abilities,” says Chas Freeman, who served under Bush’s father as ambassador to Saudi Arabia. “It was clear from the start that Bush required adult supervision — but it turns out Cheney has even worse instincts. He does not understand that when you act recklessly, your mistakes will come back and bite you on the ass.”

There is a quote: “Cut off the Head, and the Body will die.” You know that one, right? Well the converse is true. Cut off the Body and the Head will die.

I am feeling, what is that word?…oh yeah, schadenfreude.

Is this what the right-wing means by "judicial restraint"?

A federal appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit by a group of African-American postal workers who were forced to work inside a metal cage over a period of four days while co-workers threw peanuts and bananas at them, shouted racial epithets, and displayed racist signs. In Allen v. Potter, No. 04-31179 (5th Cir., Oct. 26, 2005), the court ruled that the plaintiffs could not prove that management knew or should have known of the harassment and failed promptly to stop it, despite the allegation that at least two supervisors had walked past and laughed.

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