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Deeper Throat

W Mark Felt, former FBI agent, has claimed to have been ‘Deep Throat’ – the inside source for news articles that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. We need a new Deep Throat to lead to the resignation of President George W. Bush. We need something like a leaked memo, or blatant public lies, or a clearly fraudulent election… hmmm, maybe those aren’t what we need after all. What do we need?

ID at the Smithsonian

Fossils at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History have been used to prove the theory of evolution. Next month the museum will play host to a film intended to undercut evolution.

The Discovery Institute, a group in Seattle that supports an alternative theory, ‘intelligent design,’ is announcing on its Web site that it and the director of the museum ‘are happy to announce the national premiere and private evening reception’ on June 23 for the movie, ‘The Privileged Planet: The Search for Purpose in the Universe.’

The film is a documentary based on a 2004 book by Guillermo Gonzalez, an assistant professor of astronomy at Iowa State University, and Jay W. Richards, a vice president of the Discovery Institute, that makes the case for the hand of a creator in the design of Earth and the universe.

Democratic Leadership in Action

“While in Israel, we met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Vice Premier Shimon Perez. From them and from other leaders, we heard something I had not heard in a long time: cautious optimism. This was an attitude quite different from the one that confronted us when I spoke to AIPAC two years ago.

“One thing, however is unchanged: America’s commitment to the safety and security of the State of Israel is unwavering. America and Israel share an unbreakable bond: in peace and war; and in prosperity and in hardship.

“Prime Minister Sharon’s leadership of Israel at this crucial time has been remarkable.”

“The United States will stand with Israel now and forever. Now and forever.”

Related: Full-page Anti-AIPAC ad in today’s NY Times (PDF).

Gary Leupp: It Really is a Crusade

Days after the 9-11 attacks, George W. Bush informed Americans, “This crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take awhile.” As a Yale history major, he ought to have known what the medieval Crusades were all about: Christians against Muslims, mostly for control of Palestine, fought with all the viciousness and duplicity reflected in the recent film “The Kingdom of Heaven.” The explosive term was guaranteed to incite Muslim ire and alarm, and protests from everywhere (including the State Department, I’d imagine) caused Bush to drop it from his fevered rhetoric. But yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is indeed a Crusade, an anti-Muslim project conducted from a Judeo-Christian command center of a particularly unholy type. No matter how much administration officials profess their respect for Islam, denying any religious character to the war, and however they express wide-eyed amazement that Muslims might misunderstand the “war on terrorism” as an anti-Muslim war, it really is a crusading “holy war.”

Dasht-e Leili?

Since Newsweek and Afghanistan are in the news a lot lately, I got to thinking: Has anyone bothered to follow-up on what happened at Dasht-e Leili back in 2001? The last news I’ve seen on this dates back to 2002.

Newsweek, for one, ran an investigative piece in August 2002. It didn’t find any evidence of American complicity in the massacre, but then again the newsmagazine didn’t press the Pentagon too hard on details. Refresh your memory here.

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