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Monthly Archives: March, 2005

What Islamic schools are teaching

New York City: An investigation by the New York Daily News in 2003 found that books used in the city’s Muslim schools “are rife with inaccuracies, sweeping condemnations of Jews and Christians, and triumphalist declarations of Islam’s supremacy.”

Los Angeles: The Omar Ibn Khattab Foundation donated 300 copies of the Koran (titled The Meaning of the Holy Quran) to the city school district in 2001 that had to be pulled from school libraries within months because of its anti-Semitic commentaries. One footnote reads: “The Jews in their arrogance claimed that all wisdom and all knowledge of Allah was enclosed in their hearts… Their claim was not only arrogance but blasphemy.”

The Muslim Community School in Potomac, Maryland, imbues in its students a sense of alienation from their own country. Seventh-grader Miriam told a Washington Post reporter in 2001, “Being American is just being born in this country.” Eighth-grader Ibrahim announced that “Being an American means nothing to me.”

A textbook used at the Islamic Saudi Academy of Alexandria, Virginia, in 2004, authored and published by the Saudi Ministry of Education, teaches first-graders that “all religions, other than Islam, are false, including that of the Jews [and] Christians.” An ISA class valedictorian, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, was recently indicted for plotting to assassinate President Bush.

[All this is assigned the usual code words of extremist and fundamentalist, when in fact it is an accurate representation of Islam as found in the Quran. And it is unmentioned that the same sort of anti-social behavior is encouraged by the Bible. The problem isn’t a mis-representation and distortion of religion, the problem is religion itself.]

10 PHDs Agree: There were voting anomalies in favor of Bush. Democracy may have been called off..

When they do the most under reported or censored stories of 2004, one of the top contenders would have to be statistical anomalies in the 2004 presidential election. And today, a number of PH D level statisticians have released a report showing that the numbers don’t add up. If you’re not aware of this, exit polling is pretty accurate. In Germany, where they use paper ballots, the exit polling gets the final vote count right, like, 99.9 percent of the time. Republican officials, who want to eliminate exit polling here, used contrasting exit polls/actual vote count numbers to help lobby for new elections in the Ukraine–thus proving that they refuse to recognize the principles behind both chutzpah and irony. Here’s a snippet of the report from the Free Press article:

“The consortium that conducted the presidential exit polls, Edison/Mitofsky, issued a report in January suggesting that the discrepancy between election results and exit polls occurred because Bush voters were more reticent than Kerry voters in response to pollsters.

“The authors of this scientific study of the National Election Data Archive Project, consider that scenario highly unlikely, based on extensive analysis of the election data presented in their report “Final Study of the 2004 Presidential Election Poll Discrepancies”. They conclude, /“The required pattern of exit poll participation by Kerry and Bush voters to satisfy the exit poll data defies empirical experience and common sense under any assumed scenario.”/

An executive summary of the report by Josh Mitteldorf of Temple University has been released today and is available at: http://electionarchive.org/ucvAnalysis/US/Exit_Polls_summary.pdf. The full 25 page scientific report will be released tomorrow. This group’s preliminary study on the exit poll discrepancies was not refuted by any PhD statistician in America, and we expect our final study to be similarly received in the academic community. “

Amidst the data, many extremely unlikely anomalies exist, invariably in President Bush’s favor. For one, a state-by-state analysis of the discrepancy between exit polls and official election results shows highly improbable skewing of the election results biased towards the president.

We have had election fraud in this country before. November’s wildly inaccurate presidential exit polls should warrant concern of the highest order by every American citizen.

Now, the folks at black box voting, who I quoted a few weeks ago, don’t have the best reputation in town. But take a look at the folks who signed on to this study. And of course, as has been stated before, if this is true, everything else really doesn’t matter. The Democrats can move to the commie left or the abortion bombing clinic right…they will lose. I don’t know if you can yet call that fascism, but you certainly can’t call it democracy. Here are the wacky, out of the mainstream contributors:

*Contributors and Supporters of the Report include:*
*Josh Mitteldorf*, PhD – Temple University Statistics Department
*Steven F. Freeman*, PhD – Center for Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania
*Brian Joiner*, PhD – Prof. of Statistics (ret) University of Wisconsin
*Frank Stenger*, PhD – Professor, School of Computing, University of Utah
*Richard G. Sheehan*, PhD -Professor, Department of Finance, University of Notre Dame
*Paul F. Velleman*, PhD – Associate Prof., Department of Statistical Sciences, Cornell University
*Victoria Lovegren*, PhD – Department of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University
*Campbell** B. Read*, PhD – Prof. Emeritus, Department of Statistical Science, Southern Methodist University
*Jonathan Simon*, J.D., National Ballot Integrity Project
*Ron Paul Baiman, *PhD* *– Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois at Chicago

Tom DeLay Song Parody

I’ve finally finished writing my Tom DeLay song parody, Ode To DeLay, which you can sing to “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before.” Here’s how it begins:

A Rep whose name is Tom DeLay,
He breaks the rules most ev’ry day.
He don’t respect the law,
Thinks ethics are a bore.
‘Tis time to show him crime don’t pay.

Tom practices dishonesty.
Ignores the law with joy and glee.
Misused the FBI,
Golf junkets on the sly…

The rest of my Ode To Tom DeLay is here.

No Holidays for Hate

What does it take to get the three major religions that claim Jeruselem as a spiritual center to agree about something?

A goodly dose of intolerance and hate.

International gay leaders are planning a 10-day WorldPride festival and parade in Jerusalem this August, saying they want to make a statement about tolerance and diversity in the Holy City, home to three great religious traditions.

Now a number of leaders of the three faiths, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, are making a rare show of unity to try to stop the festival. They say it would desecrate the city and convey the erroneous impression that homosexuality is acceptable.

Christian and Muslim alike fear this event will call down God’s wrath.

Muslim Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari voiced concern that the festival could draw down divine wrath akin to that which destroyed the biblical city of Sodom.
“God destroyed the city and we don’t want this to happen to us. God will punish us if we allow this to happen,” he said.

…California pastor Leo Giovinetti said hosting the 10-day World Pride event could bring divine retribution upon Jerusalem, citing the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorra as a precedent.

Mr Giovinetti is not speaking against the World Pride event out of intolerance.

He said, “I haven’t come because I have hate for the homosexuals, I’ve come because I have love for the Jews…And I believe this is one of those moments where the Jews and the Christians can come together and truly be people of the Book, and make a united stand for what has always been known historically as a sin.”

Mr Giovinetti seems to have left out his fellow fundamentalist homophobes, the Islamic monotheists. Go figure.

The aims of the event:

Jerusalem WorldPride 2005 will…

* Jerusalem WorldPride 2005 will make history in one of the world’s most historic cities. With the eyes of the world on them, the international LGBT community will bring a message of unity and reconciliation to people troubled by conflict.
* Jerusalem WorldPride 2005 will bring a message of dignity and acceptance to a city holy to three of the world’s great religious faiths.
* Jerusalem WorldPride 2005 will claim the rightful place of lesbians and gays in world history and culture.

The Stockholm Water Prize to Centre for Science and Environment

” . . . for a successful recovery of old and generation of new knowledge on water management, a community-based sustainable integrated resource management under gender equity, a courageous stand against undemocratic, top-down bureaucratic resource control, an efficient use of a free press, and an independent judiciary to meet these goals.” [more]

The Global Culture Wars

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIf you’ve been reading ScruHoo for long, you’re aware that I’m a covert medic, Dr. Beau D. Bagg, in the armies of The Christian Underground. It was via CU that Dr. Bagg learned, “the city of Jerusalem will be subjected to “a moral outrage” if a planned 10-day event known as WorldPride 2005 goes forward as planned. If it does take place, the event will bring some 250,000 homosexuals to the holy city in a celebration of their lifestyle.”

That fancy Googlin’ machine led me to www.worldpride.net: “Love without Borders: Jerusalem WorldPride 2005 : Jerusalem, the Holy City, the city the world looks towards from east and west. With more than 5,000 years of recorded history, the very name evokes vivid images even in those who have not yet visited.
Love without Borders: Jerusalem WorldPride 2005 will bring a new focus to an ancient city through a massive demonstration of LGBT dignity, pride, and boundary-crossing celebration. In these times of intolerance and suspicion, from the home of three of the world’s great religions, we will proclaim that love knows no borders.”

If you’ve been wondering exactly where to find a definition of diametric opposition, look no further. And, according to Deacon Chad Groening, “holding WorldPride 2005 in Jerusalem would lead to the worst debauchery the Middle East has seen since the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

So which is it, people? Love or debauchery? Scrutiny Hooligans investigated further into worldpride.net’s hidden pansexual agenda, “Islam, Christianity and Judaism affirm the dignity of all human beings and our creation in the divine image. Yet these same faiths have often been sources of hostility and intolerance for LGBT people.

WorldPride 2005 will bring thousands of us to Jerusalem to confront preconception with reality, prejudice with an opportunity for understanding, in a way that will capture the attention of the world. Together we will proclaim that in this ancient religious city – and in this region – we too belong.”

So, it’s clearly love that the WorldPride 2005 plans to bring to Jerusalem, like so many jesuses on donkeys. Right? This Hooligan thought as much until learning another truth from Comrade of the Christian Underground’s Righteous Army, Mike Evans, founder of Jerusalem Prayer Team, “This is a moral outrage, Jerusalem is where heaven and earth met and will meet again. It is the holiest city. This event will bring to the streets homosexuals in immodest dress, in G-strings, with all kinds of pornographic images. They plan to fill the hotels and restaurants and party like Sodomites, while the world press takes pictures. It is a disgrace to the eternal holiness of Jerusalem and to its people.”

Now we’re definitely leaning towards debauchery. G-string clad, porno-wielding Sodomites invade Jerusalem? That’s gotta be debauchery.

Both groups want you to sign up to help them out. The Jerusalem Prayer Team in concert with The Christian Underground want you to demand that the mayor of Jerusalem bar the door against God-hating homos. The InterPride Group at World Pride 2005 want you to make sure everyone in the world knows they’re coming to Israel to protest against hatred.

Keep paying attention to this. August 18-28, 2005. Ten days of bold revelry by a global gaggle of GLBT activists in the heart of the three great Western faiths.

Terri Schiavo: Judicial Murder by Nat Hentoff

Her crime was being disabled, voiceless, and at the disposal of our media

“As to legal concerns,” writes William Anderson—a senior psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a lecturer at Harvard University—”a guardian may refuse any medical treatment, but drinking water is not such a procedure. It is not within the power of a guardian to withhold, and not in the power of a rational court to prohibit.”

Ralph Nader agrees. In a statement on March 24, he and Wesley Smith (author of, among other books, Culture of Death: The Assault of Medical Ethics in America) said: “The court is imposing process over justice. After the first trial [before Judge Greer], much evidence has been produced that should allow for a new trial—which was the point of the hasty federal legislation.

“If this were a death penalty case, this evidence would demand reconsideration. Yet, an innocent, disabled woman is receiving less justice. . . . This case is rife with doubt. Justice demands that Terri be permitted to live.”

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