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Monthly Archives: December, 2004

US Memo Redefines Torture

… and to my great surprise, the redefinition is a movement toward sanity and compassion rather than a further narrowing of what is considered torture in the interest on the ‘war on terror.’ Thank goodness that Religious News Blog out of Europe reads the Daily Telegraph out of Australia so that I can learn what is going on in the United States where I live.

Too Angry . . . For What?

I am often told I am “too angry.” I have never totally understood what that means, honestly. “Too angry for what?” is what I always think. Too angry to be a submissive housewife? Okay, I agree with that. Too angry to be a complacent wage slave? Okay, that is true too. Too angry to sit silently by while my government commits what constructively amounts to international war crimes? Okay. Too angry to allow sexism without a counterargument of intellectual feminism? Guilty as charged. I guess maybe what I wonder about is not the “angry” part, but the “too” part. “Too angry” implies my anger exceeds what the situation warrants. “Too angry” implies irrationality, a loss of perspective, an emotional irresponsibility. I agree that I am angry. Even angry as hell. But I am not convinced that I am “too angry.” [more]

Was Gary Webb ’Suicided’ To Kill New Book?

I spoke to Gary and in the conversation he indicated he had a lot of evidence that did not appear in his writings. I cautioned him that the CIA might contrive to “suicide” him, and he indicated that if he died it would not be suicide.

The CIA has experts on producing authentic-appearing “suicide notes”. If you ever get a report like this about me, you can be absolutely certain it was not suicide. [more]

State Worker Gets $82,789 for no Work

After 25 years of state service, Patricia Freund’s career is on hold at best. The reason, she says, is because she has been outspoken about beliefs that public employees should keep their religious lives separate from their work lives. Her downfall, she says, came after she questioned why co-workers, particularly supervisors, attend the governor’s annual prayer breakfast, an event she went to in 2000 and found offensive.

But of course this is just an isolated event, and it isn’t happening to others.

No Progressive or Democrat Should Use Netzero

. . . because they now employ, as their spokesman, that uber-prick Dennis Miller. Hey, Chachi, why don’t ya just get Trent Lott in blackface singing the praises of Aunt Jemima while using Netzero, eh? Or, maybe you could animate a dead Iraqi baby so that it says, from between it’s gurgling bloody lips: “Support the death of more Iraqi babies. Use Netzero!” Or . . . you could get Dennis Miller as your spokesman . . . how do the kids say?: it’s all good!

Clint Curtis, Me being slow

     I finally got unlazy (plus access to a windows machine) and compiled Clint Curtis’s program.  It works well enough.  He had replied to an e-mail from me…

Don’t know why the code didn’t zip correctly. Have attached a new zip and ftped to the site. Clint

     It doesn’t prove much, either way, but my last comment on the matter suggested it was definitely bunk code.  All it proves, one way or the other, is that Mr. Curtis is a VB coder or knows one.  Anyone who wants to e-mail me with further questions can find me at Josh at Narins dot net.

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