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Monthly Archives: July, 2004

Americans’ Income Shrank 9%, IRS Says

. . . but hope is on the way, baby! (not being facetious, I think that and the following help is on the way are great phrases and tap into a deep American unease that’s been building for about three and half years now about where the US is going . . . )

‘Working Forest’ Dies

Good lesson in doublespeak: ‘working forest’ goes down but what if they had used the oh-so Opposite Day phrase “Healthy Forests Initiative” as Bush is doing?

Speaking of, a catalog of the Bush admin saying one thing and doing the opposite would be a handy thing, don’t you think? We can put it all together and truthfully allege an ongoing campaign of perhaps the most elemental step in their propaganda campaign: have a bowel movement on an old lady or child and call it “bestowing freedom,” i.e. Step two would be to release said “bestowing freedom” phrase to the vast right-wing media (using the now well known phrase talking points memo), and repeat, repeat, repeat (see Goebbels). Voila: people who are not millionaires actually vote for you to make their air and water dirtier, their economic situations grimmer, and even to get their kid brutally slaughtered in a senseless war overseas.

Ain’t propaganda great?

Bush Eases Pesticide Rules

The Bush administration yesterday made it easier for the government to approve pesticides used by farmers and homeowners, saying it no longer would require the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to first consult other federal agencies to determine whether a product could harm endangered species.

The change affects federal regulations that carry out the Endangered Species Act, a law that protects about 1,200 threatened animals and plants. [more]

Audit finds fraud, other abuses in Iraq contracts

In its second report to Congress, the inspector general’s office for the occupation authority that ruled Iraq until recently found significant cases of mismanagement, fraud, missing paperwork and manipulation in the awarding of contracts using millions of dollars of U.S. and Iraqi funds.

The Coalition Provisional Authority inspector general audit, to be released today, uncovered cases of abuse by officials of the occupation government. The report does not name names, but the inspector general’s office said its work has resulted in 69 criminal investigations. Forty-two have been closed or sent to other investigative agencies and an additional 27 are still open. [more]

I assume these investigations target the little guys and/or designated fall guys . . . let’s see Dick Cheny on that list, currently VP of the US, but concurrently serving as the Honorary President of Evil Scumbags everywhere.

Let’s recap this man, shall we? (No offense to actual men out there when I call Dick a man, rest assured.) Dick voted against the Equal Rights Amendment, and “opposed sanctions against the apartheid-era South Africa in the mid-1980s along with voting against a resolution calling for the release of Nelson Mandela; voted for a constitutional amendment to ban school busing; voted against Head Start; and voted against extending the Clean Water Act in 1987.

“Mr. Cheney is still drawing a $1,000,000 per year paycheck from Halliburton while serving as the Vice President.” [source]

Luckily, we have a self-proclaimed proxy for Dick currently trolling our comments section. Perhaps he can elucidate us as to why being against the Equal Rights Amendment is not anti-women, how being pro-Apartheid and anti-Mandela is not racist, and how being against Clean Water for all Americans is a good thing?

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