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Monthly Archives: October, 2003

State Terrorism

Many people are unaware that the country of Israel supported US state terrorism during the tenure of Ronald Reagan just as Mr Bush supports the state terrorism of Israel now. Years go by and the players stay the same…

Is it anti-Semitic to point out Israel’s state terrorism? Is it anti-Christian to point out the state terrorism of the US?

A video interview of Ms.Hanan Ashrawi who won the Sidney Peace Prize.

Dean and Clark: Peace Candidates?

Ashcroft’s Attack on Greenpeace

For years we have worked to end environmental destruction and human rights abuses in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. Destruction of these habitats threatens clean air and water, animal and plant species, and the people and cultures who depend on forests for their way of life. Large criminal enterprises, using bribery, extortion, slavery and murder, continue to ravage the Amazon and export their contraband.

Last year, two Greenpeace activists climbed aboard a ship carrying Amazon mahogany wood. They held a banner that said “President Bush: Stop Illegal Logging.”

Instead of halting the shipment, the government is prosecuting Greenpeace in federal court in Miami. It has charged Greenpeace under an obscure 19th-century law never intended for this purpose. A trial is now set for December. [more]

With our tax dollars, Ashcroft fights his own fundamentalist wars on Tommy Chong, people who fight hard for clean air and water, and bare-breasted statues. Fundamentalist religion = the true enemy of the people.

USS Liberty: The Truth

Democracy Now has an incredible piece posted concerning the truth about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. It features audio excerpts from the film “The Loss of Liberty” by Tito Howard.

A year old comment by attack survivor James Ennes.

A photographic account of the attack.

Extensive Realaudio clips of USS Liberty survivors in their own voices.

A comprehensive USS Liberty attack resource,. http://www.ussliberty.org//liberty.htm

Historian John Borne weighs in: The Attack of the USS Liberty.

Chief of Israeli Army Criticizes Policy on Palestinians

The chief of the Israeli military harshly criticized his government’s tough policy toward Palestinians, warning it could lead to desperation and a humanitarian crisis, Israeli media reported Wednesday.

The unusual public rift between the army chief and the defense minister reflects the frustration on both sides over the inability to bring three years of bloody conflict with the Palestinians to an end.

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