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Monthly Archives: September, 2003

Howard Dean: US should take harder stance against Iran and Saudi Arabia

One of his foreign policy goals “is to bring democracy and freedom to Muslim nations.”

The United States has to… take a much harder line on Iran and Saudi Arabia because they’re funding terrorism,” Dean said.

"Bush’s Brain" Co-Author James Moore on the "Innocent Mr. Rove"

I am very tired of writing about Karl Rove. Lately, though, I have felt a kind of moral obligation, and almost a patriotic duty to remind people of the man who really runs the White House. Politically, and strategically, nothing has happened in the Bush Administration without Rove’s imprimatur. Reporters have discovered Rove’s steely control in the form of what they call a “leak proof” White House. Nothing comes out of the Bush White House without Rove’s approval. Generally, that means nothing comes out of the White House.

Until Karl Rove wants something to leak.

Rove’s temper has always been his weak spot. He cannot seem to control his anger. When Ambassador Joseph Wilson wrote in the New York Times that there was no truth to the allegations that Iraq had tried to purchase yellowcake uranium from Niger, Rove is said to have gone “ballistic.” No one who has known Rove for any period of time doubts that Rove was the one who orchestrated the leak, which “outed” Ambassador Wilson’s wife as a CIA agent. Rove has always made sure that his enemies knew he will strike back, and swing with deadly power.

Rove wasn’t just trying to intimidate Ambassador Wilson. If, as many believe, he is responsible for the leak, Rove wanted to send a message to everyone in the intelligence community that they all needed to keep their mouths shut. As the war was being sold, intelligence cooked, and the media spun, Rove and the White House had informed intelligence operativesand scientists that they were not to publicly repudiate the phony claims about aluminum tubes, which the White House falsely argued were part of an Iraqi gas centrifuge to make enriched uranium. One national reporter told me that calls to scientists and intelligence operatives to ask about the aluminum tubes, which turned out to be rocket bodies, yielded the confession the scientists and intelligence agents had been ordered to say nothing. [more]

Things to think about

Jim Moore: Why the Clintons Support Clark, and why this is bad for the Democratic Party (I’m afraid the real problem the dems are having right now is too much division).

Abe Burmeister on why the Bush admin isn’t pro big business.

Its got nothing to do with business at all really, except in that you need a front, preferably a corporation that could have existed in the 19th century (guns, construction, metals, railroads, more weapons, oil, etc). Once you have the front business, then you get to work, its all about who you know and who slips you the cash. Free Iraqi money is the way to go nowadays. The government borrows the cash in the name of the American people, then slips it to your firm for consulting on rebuilding the country we just tore apart. Nice work if you can get it. All you need to do is be part of the inner circle. Pay $2,000 at the door in the form of a fundraiser and see how far you can go…

2 New Phrases Proffered

In honor of Conceptual Guerrilla’s recent stab at creating a popular anti-wingnut phrase with his “cheap labor conservative” proposal, I’ve come up with two in that vein I’d like to quickly offer now (am at lunch now, will add more links in later):

1) REBUILD AMERICA FIRST. Rush and his cronies get a lot of mileage out of accusing liberals of being the “blame-America first crowd.” If called that say, “I’m not a blame-America first denizen; I’m a REBUILD AMERICA FIRST patriot.” As in, spend 87 Billion dollars to rebuild our national voting system, our crumbling school systems, etc. Hey, you can say–I’m all for helping the world but we need to help the locals first. How can we lead overseas when we’re increasing poverty here? Etc. This occurred to me when watching the first Democratic Presidential nominee debate on PBS – I heard the phrase “Rebuild America” twice. My hot-meme sensor went off. While the neocons have left the fort to go out colonizing struggling sand dunes out yonder for reasons ambiguous and suspicious at best, those of us who believe in keeping jobs here, feeding people here, giving people medical care here etc. can rush in and actually lead. You can’t help others until you’ve helped yourself, folks. REBUILD AMERICA FIRST.

2) BUSH PARTY LOYALIST. As in “Look at that Bush Party Loyalist twist himself into pretzels trying to explain away the Valerie Plame case!” Case in point: mainstream corporate media blogger-fav Glenn Reynolds: “It’s really too complicated for me to understand.” This from the man who calls anti-corporate globalization protestors–including, we assume, Nobel-prizewinning economist Joseph Stiglitz–“clueless.” Bush Party Loyalist – explains a lot.

…Same as the Old Boss

Not regime change, leadership change is what Bush & company wanted for Iraq.

Ahmed Chalabi of the Governing Council, Iraq’s interim government, is giving the appearance of not being a puppet of the US; he voted with OPEC to cut oil production, a move that will raise US fuel prices-and also give him “street cred” in the Arab world. “He’s defying the White House.” Chalabi is an old buddy of Dick Cheney, the Administrations neocon cabal, as well as the CIA.

American-educated Ahmed Chalabi, a close friend of Dick Cheney, whom some have pegged as “Cheney’s protege” He enjoys close ties to the American Enterprise Institute and has attended the think tank’s retreats in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Check out his Intelligence “pedigree“(fact checked) Chalabi’s neocon cred looks timely. His nephew Salem is associated with Douglas Feith’s old law partner, Marc Zell to help folks secure contracts in the new privatized Iraq. I caught this at Talking Points Memo.

Read the links. Fuel prices will rise, consumers will pay and the oil companies will still pull in the profits, while the hand up the puppets ass is obscured by smoke and mirrors.

Same as it ever was…

Paying for Dick

Fully one-third of the $3.9 billion per month cost of keeping U.S. troops in Iraq is going directly to Halliburton.

A pretty good return on an investment of $630,000 or so to the Republican party.

Whatever Dick Cheney says, he has a financial interest in Halliburton. And I bet his buddies do too. Duh…

If any one of that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue bunch told me it was dark out and my watch read midnight; I’d still go outside to check…

First, it’s funny but then…

I just saw a collection of funny videos. Most of them were commercials. When I first watched them, I laughed. Then I understood that they were all violent. There’s the credit card commercial, the shoes commercial, the camera phone commercial, the directions commercial, and the non-smoking one. (Fast connection needed).

I know I am not the first one to point at the level of commercializing of violence but I think a reminder is needed once in a while.

CIA seeks probe of White House for blowing the cover of Valerie Plame

This is coming down just the way Wilson said it would. He publicly stated “At the end of the day, it’s of keen interest to me to see whether or not we can get Karl Rove frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs. And trust me, when I use that name, I measure my words.”

On this topic, it is worth recycling John Dean’s essay chronicling the seriousness of this alleged crime and the relevant laws that were violated if true.

The CIA may close ranks on this one – they have eaten plenty of humble pie from this administration. This prior MetaFilter thread covers the near revolt in the intelligence community over some of these issues.

Here is a July Metafilter thread that discusses the Plame issue when it first surfaced – there are many in-thread news links. And for those who would like to follow today’s breaking story, here is a current discussion thread. And finally, here is Josh Marshall’s take on things. Don’t miss his interview with Wilson.

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