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Monthly Archives: March, 2003

Operation Backpeddle begins

“President Bush’s aides did not forcefully present him with dissenting views from CIA and State and Defense Department officials who warned that U.S.-led forces could face stiff resistance in Iraq, according to three senior administration officials. Instead, Bush embraced predictions of top administration hawks, beginning with Vice President Dick Cheney, who predicted Iraqis would joyously greet coalition troops as liberators and that the entire conflict might be over in a matter of weeks, the officials said.”

Oh, really?

It’s a narrow enough designation that I think you can say clearly that there simply aren’t “three senior administration officials” at the State Department. Indeed, this has all the looks of a story leaked right out of the White House. Presumably, we can scratch Dick Cheney’s name off the list since they finger him as the person most responsible for selling the president a bill of goods. Of course, we said months ago that Cheney was the living, breathing disaster at the heart of this administration. But we’ll get back to that later.

Also see: OFFENSE AND DEFENSE: The battle between Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon (found on mousemusings)

FAIR ACTION ALERT: Do Media Know That War Kills?
Despite daily reports about the “showdown” with Iraq, Americans hear very little from mainstream media about the most basic fact of war: People will be killed and civilian infrastructure will be destroyed, with devastating consequences for public health long after the fighting stops.

Since the beginning of the year, according to a search of the Nexis database (1/1/03-3/12/03), none of the three major television networks’ nightly national newscasts– ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News or NBC Nightly News– have examined in detail what long-term impact war will have on humanitarian conditions in Iraq. They’ve also downplayed the immediate civilian deaths that will be caused by a U.S. attack.

There Is No End To This

"There’s no end to this. What we are dealing with is guerilla warfare. Are we prepared to obliterate the whole country. You can call it ‘Search and Destroy’ or ‘Seize and Destroy’ . Either way it’s ‘Destroy and Destroy’. There is no good way to end it. — John Irving " A Prayer For Owen Meany" p.408

Quotes From The Front!

“We had a great day,

“We killed a lot of people.”

“I’m sorry,

“But the chick was in the way.”

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US Soldiers in Iraq Asked to Pray For Bush

Dear God, please help George Bush in his holy quest to get more oil. I know that I am doing everything I can, including leaving my family behind possibly forever, facing death, hunger, sand storms and more, killing enemy soldiers and occasionally the civilian, too (I don’t intend to! Honest to God, but combat is confusing, Lord, and can rouse the inner demon that is hard to control!) . . . I don’t know how much more I can sacrifice for Bush, Lord, but if you give me a hint, I will certainly try. And just because the Republican-led House last week voted to cut veterans health care and benefits programs by nearly 25 billion over the next ten years, I know that doesn’t mean that Bush doesn’t love me, really I don’t. He does–he just wants me to work harder for my health care, that’s all. Maybe I can take a second a job at Kwiki-Mart when I get back in order to get me back some of them benefits and health care! Thank you Bush for making me be such a hard workin’ honest man! Now, I’m gonna get back to the front lines now to help you secure your oil fields, sir, because I know you deserve them! And I know if you had another chance to be in the military and not go AWOL again, you’d do it, mister Commander-In-Chief! Ok, back to God: thank you God for another day. Thank you for having the Supreme Court install brave Bush into the White House and send us out here on this mission from you–I know the Pope is full of it, haw haw–You’re talking to Bush, not the man with the funny hat, aintcha?? God Bless America, and God Bless George W. Bush!!!

It could happen?


vietnam on internet time

I’ve noticed that this war has been unfolding very fast and, as much as the White House and the Pentagon are trying to hide things, Al-Jazeerah and the Intenet are accelerating the flow of information at a rate that is breathtaking. A comment at The Agonist used the term Vietnam on Internet time. So true.

For a continous war update: The Agonist

For analysis: dailyKOS and Talking Points Memo

For a blog of an unembedded journalist: Back to Iraq 2.0

Josh, at Talking Points Memo, is on a roll. These posts are all a must read: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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