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Monthly Archives: May, 2002


Seattle artist Charlie Krafft has a great article in Salon.com about his concurrent shows at the Grand Central Arts Center and Copro Nason gallery in LA. Charlie makes porcelain weapons and other assorted ephemera. I have one of his “Spone” teapots…porcelain made from human bone china. He’s an usual but intelligent and entertaining guy, who ought to be an art superstar.

What the fuckety-fuck-fuck? Or G-rated news rooms and X-rated board rooms. This is an interesting thread covering pressrooms and their current state.

I like the little bitch that sez “Excuse me, this is a business office.” [Start from the bottom of the page and read up]

courtesy of FastForty, WashPost veteran, freedom fighter, and supporter of da cause.

Sketches from Palestine

We were at least one hundred-strong, representing Europe, America, and Australia, citizens of France, Italy, Sweden, the USA, the UK, and many points in between. We were marching arm-in-arm, chanting in Italian, French, and English.

We were (are!) the International Solidarity Movement to end the occupation of Palestine.

. . . The soldier pulled out his M16.

There was a shot. Pop!–like a firecracker. I ducked.

Another shot. Pop! I headed for the nearest wall. Another and another. Pop! Pop! Some of us ran back, others held their ground with their arms over their heads. Pop! Pop, pop!

spent some sizeable time watching…

gwb, rumsfeld, & the att’y generalissimo on c-span,

and am feeling pretty damn yucky, ooooh, what a mess we’re in.

Before we go and do the technicolor yawn & get it out of our system,

two things: first from Slate, FBI CYA;

from The New Yorker, Seymour Hersh’s Missed Messages;

oh, and just one other thing, from the Online NewsHour,

Eye On Terror, commentary on the new FBI guidelines.

we’d provide a c-span link to the AG on C-span if they’d have provided one,

but believe us when we tell you, you’d only be sickened by the bullshit.

Ah, you don’t believe me, eh? well…     damn…

go here and see for yourowndarnself.

We really wanted to locate a transcript of the Q & A afterwards,

so if we find it, we’ll post it hereabouts.

George Bush: “Do you have blacks in Brazil?”

It is said, that, before September 11, George W. Bush thought the Taliban were a Bavarian brass band. Now, thanks to his comprehensive knowledge, the most powerful man in the world has got into hot water again.

Washington – It was Condoleezza Rice, national security advisor, who helped her boss out of the embarassing situation. During a conversation between the two presidents, George W. Bush, 55, (USA) and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, 71, (Brazil), Bush bewildered his colleague with the question “Do you have blacks, too?”

Rice, 47, noticing how astonished the Brazilian was, saved the day by telling Bush “Mr. President, Brazil probably has more blacks than the USA. Some say it’s the Country with the most blacks outside Africa.” Later, the Brazilian president Cardoso said: regarding Latin America, Bush was still in his “learning phase”.

I’m speechless.

FBI and CIA coming on-line with new powers

The anticipated changes will release agents from antiquated constraints such as requiring evidence of criminal activity before launching an under-cover investigation. Nine hundred agents will be recruited by September in furtherance of this scheme. The new anti-terror undercover shock-troops will be permitted to infiltrate groups of which the government disapproves, including religious groups, and trawl the Net poking about for signs of trouble without prior approval from headquarters.

In addition, the FBI has granted itself permission to work more closely with the CIA, a military support organization currently forbidden to operate within the US.

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