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Monthly Archives: April, 2002

How dare they?

Do we give them enough time to attempt to clean up their murderous rampage? What if we allowed all criminals to do this? What if you committed an atrocity, wholly with the intention of causing mass fear and destruction, and then, upon being caught in the act, your accusers simply allowed you to clean up your mess, to “erase the evidence” so to speak?

Oh granted, I know the Palestinian People will not allow that, but still, you have to figure that since the bullies rule the playground, real evidence rarely is allowed the light of day. Any truths that do manage to make it out must therefore be so damnning that it becomes impossible to hide them. They are too big to be contained.

The Politics of Verticality

Eyal Weizman


In a quest for biblical archaeology, Israel has attempted to resurrect the subterreanean fragments of ancient civilization to testify for its present-day rights above ground.

When the Zionists first arrived in Palestine late in the nineteenth century, the land they found was strangely unfamiliar, different from the one they longed for. Reaching the map co-ordinates of the site of their yearnings was not enough. The search had to continue: above, in a metaphysical sense, below the crust of earth in archaeological excavations.

That the ground was further inhabited by the Arabs and marked with the traces of their lives, complicated things even further. So the existing terrain was transformed in the Zionists’ minds into a protective wrap, under which the historical longed-for landscape was hidden.(…)

If the land to be ‘inherited’ was indeed located under the surface, then the whole subterranean volume was a national monument. From this source, the ancient civilisation could be politically resurrected to testify for the right of the present-day Israel.


I try to avoid the parallels, but people who start invoking mystical mythological pasts to justify their current excesses scare me. Germany did the same thing in the 30s.

The World of Thomas Nast. “…Thomas Nast (1840-1902), perhaps the most important American political cartoonist of all time, is best known for his invention and development of popular symbols like the Republican Elephant, Democratic Donkey, a fat, jolly Santa Claus and a lean, goatee-wearing Uncle Sam.”

ok, so Bodily Functions was a top top album by Herbert, now his latest is out and available online for free.He’s an interesting man, and big ups to Dan Soda for turning me on to him. Here’s an old post from the AJ list… talk about accountability for one’s art. tho the 37 seconds of silence seems prolely trite (dat a verb?)


Installment 5 of the excellent…

The Politics of Verticality

by Eyal Weizman


The aquifers deep below the West Bank are a battleground, just as much as the rivers of sewage split through its valleys by both Israeli and Palestinian settlements.


The Israelis claim they offered Arafat 95% of what he was asking for. Aside from the fact that all he was offered were isolated Bantustans, Israel kept control of the water underneath Palestine. Every other sovereign state has control of the water underneath it. What kind of soverign state doesn’t control it’s water? Not only have the settlements been stealing the Palestinians’ land, all of Israel has been stealing the Palestinians’ water.

whilst reading the book review section over brekkie this AM…

came across the following mention of very interesting book, appears to be

an item on our ever-increasing “To Be Read & Soon” list.

This next link will provide a little additional info on Ms. Power,

and there you’ll also find link to Atlantic Monthly article she penned.

We’ll also include link to Carr Center for Human Rights Policy.

oh yahhhh, the U.S. Government has much experience in managing genocidal policies,

just ask any Indian, while there’s still a few of them left…

and we’d like to repeat an earlier post, in order to facilitate the

progression of the meme:

thursday evening, watching c-span…

came across this broadcast of speaker William McDonough

at the National Press Club; happy day & lucky co-incidence,

the speech is available here, courtesy NPR. highly recommended listening,

& will leave you asking yourself many questions…

Another installment of…

The Politics of Verticality

by Eyal Weizman


Many different types of settlements perch atop the hills of the West Bank, providing islands of biblical identity that are also strategic vantage points.


The placement of the settlements has not been a random process. They are strategic military bastions turning the Palestinians into prisoners trapped in the worlds largest Panopticon. It’s also obvious that the expense the Israelis have gone to means, as Sharon has bluntly put it, the Israelis never plan to leave. The occupation will continue. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves.

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