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Monthly Archives: March, 2002

One thing that’s not really being reported on during this weekend’s coverage of the escalating Israeli/Palestinian conflict is that Israel has occupied the Temple Mount. Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount (revered by Muslims because it is where Muhammad ascended to heaven and by Israelis because it is the location of the ruins of King Solomon’s Temple) was one of the causes of the current Intifada. Some believe that when Temple of Solomon is rebuilt (and the Al-Aqsa mosque currently there is destroyed) the apocalypse will be triggered climaxing with the return of the messiah. According to Adam Parfrey’s Extreme Islam Freemason’s had tried to buy the mosque for 100 million in 1968 for this purpose. And that the red heifer (as prophesied by the Torah: “The Lord hath commanded saying: Speak unto the children of Israel that they bring thee a red heifer without spot, wherein is no blemish, and upon which never came yoke.”) which is needed to purify the rebuilt Temple has already been born.

it occured to me on my way home this Am…

that tomorrow is April 1,

and I think I’m going to be paying some substantial taxes this year.

Then after I put away the groceries and before I did the dishes,

I stopped by a few places, mostly sites of friends & comrades,

and this caught my attention, and I know, with absolute certainty,

I could not have put it any better.

some choice linky nuggets mined this evening…

seeking assistance in mitigating my ignorance;

first, The Murder of Arafat

from The Palestinian Chronicle;

this site new to me: Project Underground;

there we delighted in perusing

Greasing The Machine: Bush, His Cabinet and their Oil Connections;

the very interesting National Security Archive from G.W.U.;

where we came across this bit of history

Declassified Record of Ambassador Otto Juan Reich;

also like to point out this collection,

PBS Newshour Middle East Backround Reports

and, in some very interesting & serendipitous way,

the oldest link in that group, from 10.24.95: PLO Chairman Arafat

and this could come in very handy sometime,

U.S. Government Documents Foreign Policy Resources Search

more good stuff later…

The War has Begun: News Update

Editor’s Note: Following an Israeli security cabinet meeting today, Israel declared an ‘extended war’ on the Palestinians, a war that doesn’t abide by ‘geographic borders’. The war has in fact begun.[more]

Background / PM locks up Arafat, but what is his endgame?

Two decades after overseeing the eviction of Yasser Arafat from Beirut, Ariel Sharon came within a step Friday of exiling him from the West Bank, as the prime minister sent IDF troops smashing into the Palestinian Authority Chairman’s compound in Ramallah, seizing the building in which his office is located, and literally confining him to a single floor.

“If Arafat wants to go to the bathroom,” said one Israeli commentator, only half-joking, “he now needs Israeli permission.”[more]

Stations of the Cross – an exhibition of 14 paintings by self-taught artist Chris Woods (January 11 – February 10, 1996). One of many brilliant collections of Works by Chris Woods at the Diane Farris Gallery in Vancouver, Canada.

Nuke ’em into the Stone Age…

NOT a point of view you’ll get from yourstruly,

(although I could end up feeling that way about Floridians,

no sorry, I should say “one particular Floridian…”)

nor from Jon Carroll, again, saying what many of us think

this next item sorta in the vein of contemplating nuclear madness:

map a nuclear blast

Maybe it’s different in your community. Maybe where you live there’s a diverse array of radio stations, each with distinctive programming visions, run by people motivated by nothing but their love of music and the possibilities of the medium.

But in my city we have three or four cookie-cutter formats for dozens of mindless stations clogging up the airwaves… which interestingly enough tend to be owned by a handful of broadcast conglomerates, the same corporate leviathans that also have concert promotion and the record industry in their synergetic clutches.

Wherever I go in North America, it’s as if these radio stations follow me. I mean, they’re identical. The same narrow, repetitive and dreary playlists, the same idiotic (not to mention jingoistic and sexist) DJ patter. A dime-store Marxist wanting to demonstrate that capitalist hegemony leads to a sterile cultural wasteland need only turn a couple dials…

As any online listener knows, it’s hard to overstate what an improvement internet radio represents. We all have our favorites (mine is WFMU) that provide us with the alternative sounds and voices that barely exist on the airwaves. But the real miracle that these stations perform is to allow passionate programmers to elevate the form into an art — usually on a shoestring, often commercial-free. The technology has scaled down to the point that world-wide reach is available to anyone. It’s one of those rare cases where the utopian promise of the net is close to being realized.

Simply put… THIS is the golden age of radio.

And it’s about to end. The same corporate weasels who ruined broadcast radio are determined to work their magic on the net. They’ve got their lapdogs in government ready to do their bidding.

One report suggests that stations currently paying about $1000 per year in royalties could see that rate jump to $1000 per day. Another article quotes an executive predicting “the Webcasting landscape will be a moonscape in six months.”

Save Internet Radio

there’s this fool on the east coast…

in Florida, to be a little more precise,

who posted the following at his weblogthingie this AM:

Those handwringers and EU-nuchs who oppose American action against Iraq are latter-day Neville Chamberlains, wanting to use diplomacy to get a piece of paper that would guarantee “peace in our time.” Well, there is NO paper, no treaty, that guarantees peace. If you want a guarantee of peace, look to your arsenal. If you want peace, prepare for war. Nations (and terrorists) attack other nations that appear to be weak. The 9/11 terrorists thought that we were weak and degenerate; their compatriots have learned to their chagrin that we are not.

so, oncet upon a time, this, ahhhhhh, (well, let’s be charitable) moron

got under my skin in a big way, maybe I’ll link to the exchange we

had w/him later, but for now, isn’t that kind of thinking what we should

be avoiding. Isn’t that just the same old shit all over again? It fills me

with dread and dismay to come across this mindset, again and again,

& to contemplate that it is a majority opinion, well, personally, I find it

heartbreaking. Anyone want the link to this fellow’s site, Email Me

Russian Prison Tattoos. “…It is not known when tattooing first became a common practice in Russian prisons and Stalinist Gulags. Soviet researchers first discovered and studied this underground activity in the 1920s; photographs of prisoners from that period suggest an already elaborate and highly developed subculture. More than simple decoration, the images symbolically proclaim the wearer’s background and rank within the complex social system of the jailed.”

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