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Michael Moore steps into the ring against Bill O’Reilly. And the winner is…partial transcript


these guys already give me the heebie-jeebies,

and now they get uptight ’bout someone’s scarf

Damn! I wish I could go to the opening of Kanji, Kritters, & Kute Girls: Paintings by Yumiko Kayukawa at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle tomorrow night.

Holocausts of the 20th Century
“A dozen deaths is a tragedy; a million deaths, a statistic.” — Joseph Stalin

“Toys are intriguing, and I want to see what I can do with them. On a deeper level, they represent one way that society socializes its young…” David Levinthal… Blackface (1995/1998, Polaroid Ektacolor ER prints, 24 x 20 inches each). A slideshow presentation that is part of a selection of Works by David Levinthal at Conner Contemporary Art.

Now a favorite source for information about what is going on in the Middle East, The DEBKA File comes under scrutiny for its reliability here: DEBKA File

An atrocity more often than not overlooked(see:book not published in Japan) and one the Japanese scarcely admit to, (see: refuting charges, unsuccessfully) The Rape of Nanking was not only a horror story of great magnitude, but it is also an early example of the uses of chemical and biological agents for experiments in killing,

The Other Holocaust This “hidden” atrocity can be further studied in the documents cited at further readings and for history: Rape of Nanking

What’s this? Palestinians and Israelis living peaceably together?

Such an oasis of peace as you describe . . .

two things to share…

War Riddles: Ten Questions the Media Can’t Answer

noticed at caught In between

and thanks to Tony P. for this little celebration

With apologies to William Carlos Williams,

To Dubya

The pure products of America
go crazy–

The stifling heat of September
seems to destroy us

No one
to witness
and adjust, no one to drive the car

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