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Happy New Year, everyone – to all you sinners and all you saints.

Johnny Brainwash: Obama haters redux

I don’t really believe in “The People”, only people. My view of the polity owes as much to taoism and discordianism as it does to marxism, anarchism or whatever.

When I talk about mobilization, I don’t mean some nebulous mass of people. I mean finding the people who are inclined in the same general direction I want to go and forming them into a cohesive interest group. Even in periods of high mobilization, except maybe during peaks of revolutionary activity, most people are still on the sidelines. Decisions aren’t made by masses- they’re made by organized parties or factions that are able to exert political influence.

Imagine Peace Tower

The IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is a work of art conceived by Yoko Ono in memory of John Lennon.

GoLeft TV

Explanations of ‘vote caging’ – definitely a much-needed topic.

From Every Village Green

Taking place tommorow all over Maine, the Every Village Green movement was organized by a humble coffee roaster from Bar Harbor. The term ‘village green’ seems to have migrated to New England from old England, where the fight still goes on. Adding a ‘green infrastructure’ to the open spaces mix, Seattle plans ahead.

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