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Here’s the newest Acid Jazz Channel

Here’s the newest Acid Jazz Channel. Still the best music television channel out there that actually plays music. Of course, I have no competition from the usual buffet of MTV properties.

Battle Between Two Neo Hard Bop Asian Bands

Quasimode vs. Soil and Pimp Sessions. And note for Soil and Pimp dudes: Step it up. Show some damn emotion. Act like you’re really into the neo bop thing.

Portishead vs. The New Doors Or The Best Live Performance on Youtube Award Goes to…

I actually think this Portishead tune “Threads” is the winner but judge for yourselves…

Larry Coryell vs Sungha Jung otherwise known as the South Korean Mutant Guitarist Menace!

vs this young punk! We must stop the South Korean Mutant Guitarist Child Threat Now! Before it attacks Israel…

The Acid Jazz Channel (newer vids)

The Acid Jazz Channel. Just the last 1000 or so vids. Someone will make a million dollars being a first mover using this tech. Why can’t it be me? Sigh.

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