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Emergency Fundraiser at P! Please Help!

Yours truly has been looking for work since November, after having been laid off. Many of you know what that’s like.

On July 2, I will receive my final unemployment benefit check and thereafter will have no income. Although I will still have my small apartment and food stamps, I won’t be able to pay my utility and web connection costs, nor my telephone costs.

Under those circumstances, P! will go down.

If you enjoy and value P! and it’s contribution to quality commentary and news, as well as the resources for knowledge and information available here, I hope you will donate to this fundraiser. Even as little as five or ten dollars will help immensely to keep P! “on the air”.

There is a PayPal donate button – with a secure connection – at the very top of the sidebar. If you want to donate by another method, feel free to email me at p.ddjango@gmail.com.

Thank you so much and … be at peace and about peace.

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