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Feminisnt > A Meddlesome Hussy Takes On the Enemies of Sexual Sanity

Welcome to my rantblog! I’m a pornographer, sex worker, atheist, and former “sex-positive feminist” who grew tired of trying to shoehorn my life into a feminist analysis. I have liberated myself from women’s liberation, and it feels glorious. I’m now sharing my observations as a politically-minded smut peddler, ethical slut, and staunch skeptic. I despise people who project their insecurities onto others, or force sex workers into only two roles: helpless victims and evil patriarchy-colluders. I love spicy food, vegan lip balm, and the word “pollywog”. [more]

Obama by Alex Grey

Alex Grey is one of my favorite artists, right up there with Shepard Fairey and Banksy.

Speaking of art, I have been recently thinking of some new projects and I resurrected an old idea I was thinking of putting forth in a new way: International Art Machine. So I bought internationalartmachine.com and intlartmachine.com. I was thinking of something like the old Defunker (which seems to have merged with BustedTees) wherein people could upload their designs – and not just for t-shirts but prints, coffee mugs, etc. And some profits to go to charity. So a user-generated art project, commerce site, good causes giver . . . if only there were a blogger.com for ‘web 2.0’? Anyone? Anyone?

. . . Thanks to Klintron of Technoccult for the Obama link. Klintron is quite the bright young entrepreneur; he just launched an online store called: The Swift Fox. Plus, he has a model for a gf named Jillian who has her own online store featuring delectable handknit goods. Plus, he puts on “crazy happenings” . . . watch out for this kid, man. He’s got cult following potential.

John Cieciel, July 01, 1949 – November 09, 2007

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before now. As always, words fail at news like this. I was a huge fan of John Cieciel’s work, and I never knew he had anything to do with News of the Weird. Long before there were a gazillion blogs highlighting weird news or Keith Olbermann doing his own Oddball spin, there was Chuck Sheperd’s News of the Weird from 1988. Now almost every news program or news website capitalizes on some aspect of weird news. [Coincidentally, when I ran a college paper in Washington D.C. in the early nineties I wanted to run the News of the Weird, but they had an exclusive agreement with the DC City Paper which disallowed it.]

I was always proud to be on John’s link list. Spitting Image was always one of the best little literate corners of the internet; John’s work was fun and funny and influential and he will be missed.

thanks to amsam harbingers 8 sept. ’07

OK! Finally went back six months and compiled this:

current american samizdat harbingers september 2007

posts [march – august ’07] | nom | main linkage
201 | Uncle $cam | mobythor
84 | Trevor Blake | OVO
60 | Philip Shropshire | Three Rivers Online
19 | Klintron | Technoccult
19 | thistle | Dehiscence
17 | emg | ? [please contact me for link addition]
13 | bill | Thoughts on the Eve of the Apocalypse
13 | m | Estimated Prophet
12 | ddjango | P!
2 | Mad Kane | Mad Kane
2 | Bruce | The River
2 | Mule | ? [please contact me for link addition]
2 | Mark Plattner | No Touch Monkey!
1 | Youngfox Canada | Youngfox Canada
1 | Skippy | Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

[I excepted myself from this list.]

I think I can speak for all readers in thanking you succulent citizens of earth for all your great posts. Email me if you know of anyone else who would like to participate. [You, dear reader?] [drmenlo -at- gmail -dot- com]

Man, has this been a tough 7 years for progressives! Burnt out lefties lay left and right across this country, me among them. At least I still have my health. And Pagan. And a really great network of like-minded folk on the internets. If anyone has any ideas about how to improve American Samizdat, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Thanks!

Welcome, Metafilter Readers

Ex-Harbinger “Postroad” writes:

Lenny is great but that American Samizdat site simply takes a strong leftist view (nothing wrong with that per se) without offering any solutions to anything. It is what I call the Ralph Nader approach: this and that are bad but I can not tell you what I would do that would change things. [. . .] This being said, I now wait for my detractors to denounce me. Hint: go to the site and show me where I am wrong.

I regret how I publicly denounced Postroad here when his pro-Israeli (in this case, anti-Palestinian) posts were reaching epidemic levels. Unfortunately, Postroad’s views on Israel are probably best likened to Lieberman’s. I respect Postroad overall and find him educated and sensible about most issues . . . except the issue of Israel where he turns into the monkey who can’t see/hear/speak no evil. To him, every Palestinian death – even the death of children – is justified. Worse, the constant [usually violent] expansion of Israel is also always justified.

As far as the ‘solutions’ criticism, I think I and several others have tried to inject this site with more of the positive ideas regarding turning things around ala worldchanging, but first of all as a samizdat, I suppose its first job is to shed light on the stories your tv won’t tell you. However, I am always open to fresh ideas about expanded dimensions the samizdat can take on. And I learned through making the mistake with Fred (postroad) that if I disagree vehemently with a harbinger’s editorial positions that I should go to them personally over the issue instead of losing my temper in public. Sorry again, Fred.

And thanks again to all the participants of the Samizdat, past, present and future (email me). Thanks also to hortense for the kind mention. [To see the video on Lenny Bruce hortense highlighted go here.]

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