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Category Archives: Sarah Palin Is Not the Mother

Update on Hack of Palin’s Yahoo Account

The best analysis comes from Glenn Greenwald. And why do people not like Glenn Greenwald? I don’t get it.

Some adolescent criminal (in mentality if not age) yesterday hacked into a Yahoo account used by Sarah Palin for both personal and business email, and various sites — including Gawker — posted some of the emails online. While the bottom layers of the right-wing noise machine (the kind that make you run for the shower after reading them) are moronically describing the hacker(s) as “liberals” and “left-wing,” nobody actually has any idea of their identity, let alone their political leanings (if any). The available evidence strongly suggests the hacker is loosely part of an assorted band of Internet pranksters ranging from the juvenile to the psychopathic. Conventional political agendas (“Vote Obama!”) don’t exactly appear to be their interest. Either way, whoever did this committed a serious crime — it’s rather revolting to see screen shots of someone’s inbox splattered across the Internet — and the hacker should be apprehended and prosecuted.

Still, it’s really a wondrous, and repugnant, sight to behold the Bush-following lynch mobs on the Right melodramatically defend the Virtues of Privacy and the Rule of Law. These, of course, are the same authoritarians who have cheered on every last expansion of the Lawless Surveillance State of the last eight years — put their fists in the air with glee as the Federal Government seized the power to listen to innocent Americans’ telephone calls; read our emails; obtain our banking, credit card, and library records; and create vast data bases of every call we make and receive and every prescription we fill and every instance of travel and other vast categories of information that remain largely unknown — all without warrants or oversight of any kind and often in clear violation of the law.

I mentioned earlier that if you’re going to pull this off you had better be pretty good at your hacking skillz. So far it doesn’t look good. The hack doesn’t even look all that elegant. I guess if you’re Batman people might figure out that only a billionaire who runs Wayne industries could afford all those cool gadgets.

Probable first suspect:

State Rep. Mike Kernell confirmed Thursday that his son, a University of Tennessee-Knoxville student, is at the center of heated Internet discussion into the hacking of the personal e-mail of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Kernell, a Memphis Democrat, confirmed that it is his 20-year-old son, David, who is being widely named on Internet blogs and chatrooms in connection with an unfolding story about Palin’s hacked e-mail accounts.

And its not a good sign when the Secret Service gets involved. Not to mention the FBI…run Batman run!

The FBI and Secret Service launched a formal investigation Wednesday. Yahoo declined to comment Thursday on details of the investigation, citing Palin’s privacy and the sensitivity of such investigations.

The person who claimed responsibility for the break-in did not respond Thursday to an e-mail inquiry from The Associated Press.

“i am the lurker who did it, and i would like to tell the story,” the person wrote in the account, which circulated on the Internet. What started as a prank was cut short because of panic over the possibility the FBI might investigate, the hacker wrote.

Investigators were waiting to speak with Gabriel Ramuglia of Athens, Ga., who operates an Internet anonymity service used by the hacker. Ramuglia told the AP on Thursday he was reviewing his own logs and promised to turn over any helpful information to authorities because the hacker violated rules against using the anonymity service for illegal activities.

“If you’re doing something illegal and causing me issues by doing this, I’m willing to cooperate,” Ramuglia said. “Obviously this is the most high profile situation I’ve dealt with.”

No Limits On Fighting Mullah with a Skirt: The Sarah Palin is Not the Mother Kos Post Has Been Reborn!

Kowardly Kos Strikes Again

I just happened to have a page of this spiked diary hanging around that Markos spiked. I placed it here. Its missing around 500 comments but you can see the essence of the argument for yourself and determine if censorship should have been used. This poster placed two diaries on this topic. The first one has gone down the memory hole and I’ve restored three fourths of the second post. This was all public record of course.

I wrote this introduction:

This page was spiked by so-called new “journalist” Markos Moulitsas. Completely cowardly. Here’s a thought: politicians shouldn’t turn their back on promising to filibuster FISA and then not do it. Markos shouldn’t pretend to be a “journalist” and then censor stories. The worst that can happen here is that this story is proven false. Then we can move on to the many many other interesting Sarah Palin scandals whether its trooper gate or book banning gate or sleeping with your husband’s business partner gate, whatever. The best that can happen is that we prove that she faked her last pregnancy to hide the shame of an illegitimate child or she was purposely trying to miscarriage by taking that incredibly long and dangerous plane trip. That’s how my grandmother lost one of her kids. Perhaps that was the point. This goes to the heart of their lying hypocritical family values bullshit. Look, we bring knives to the knife party. We bring guns to the gun party. Nothing is off limits. The future of the planet is at stake. All tools must be used to defeat this Mullah in a Skirt. And if you want to discuss things without being censored or disemvoweled, go here. (Unless you spam…)

By the way, if you’re still interested in this discussion, try “Scienceblogs” (which, unlike Markos, has figured out that all of these things are worthy of discussion.) Ed Brayton gets this correctly.

Many commenters seem to think that this has something to do with getting people to vote against McCain. Sorry, not true. This has no effect at all on my vote no matter what the truth turns out to be, nor do I think it should have any effect on anyone else’s vote. As many have pointed out, there are far more important and relevant issues if we’re talking about who to vote for. None of that has anything to do with why I posted on this subject. I just find the notion that someone would try to pull this off really fascinating and I want to know if, in fact, they did. I think there’s some compelling evidence that has been offered. There have also been some false claims made about it on both sides (misdated pictures, for example). I’m quite curious to know what the truth is and that’s why I’m writing about it and inviting new evidence that might debunk the allegations. I don’t have any political stake in what the truth turns out to be at all, nor do I think anyone else should. I just think it’s a really fascinating story.

Posted by: Ed Brayton | September 1, 2008 2:05 PM

Ed understands what online journalism is supposed to be about. But I do disagree with his determination that this wouldn’t be a good reason to vote against somebody. It obviously would be a good reason to vote against someone, especially if your base is made up of puritanical, fundamentalist holy rollers.

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