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Vigilantism We Can Believe In

What does fighting crime mean, exactly? Does it mean upholding the law when a woman shoplifts to feed her children, or does it mean struggling to uncover the ones who, quite legally, have brought about her poverty?

–from Ozymandias, Watchmen Issue 11

I do believe I have seen the first online vigilante act that might actually do something. I suppose, when you think about it, a group of determined super hackers could do just as much damage as the Justice League.

Anonymous, known for their clever psy ops war against Scientology, seems to have stepped it up a notch and hacked into Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account. You can read more at the Huffington Post, Gawker and especially check out the commentary at Boing Boing. Wikileaks has the whole thing but I can’t get the link to work….Some open source spy network if you can’t get it to work during crucial periods…they should use the Pirate Bay’s new blogger system….

Unfortunately, now that you’ve hacked into the files of one of the Republican fraternity someone will be working to figure out who Anonymous actually is. They’re going to want to see your face. What’s that last line in the most recent Batman? Why is the Batman running? Because we’re chasing him that’s why. I hope they’re as good as the Little Brother hackers. They’ll have to be in order to stay out of jail. Now they’ve got Scientology hackers and the US government after them…good luck. Sometimes justice must be hooded. But not in a Klansman mexican border patrol kind of way…you know what I mean.

Related Bonus: The first animated motion comic of the Watchmen. Issue one. Uncle Scam is….Rorshack! He prefers a civil war over Barack Obama even if millions die. I’m the Nite Owl! But not this Nite Owl. (Nice jazz background…)I’ve lost weight…Doc Menlo is Ozymandias…what is his mad scheme?

Link: Watchmen animation

Anonymous We Are Legion Ads Very Effective

Let’s be honest. Those anonymous vids are both scary and inspired. They also seem to spark real action. I guess it would be asking too much for the Green Party to pull something off like that. I also think they’re comics fans. Aren’t there two comics allusions…the “be wary” phrase comes from “V for Vendetta” and the cut down one and ten will replace it seems to be taken from the mantra of Hydra: “Cut off one arm and two will replace it.” Hydra was the main nemesis of Shield, at least when Steranko drew it. The Internets is the modern counterculture. Don’t let anybody tell you different. (One question for anonymous, who is legion: why stop at scientology? Why not Mormonism or the pope or thoroughly evil republicans? Just a thought….)

Speaking of the Green Party, what the fuck is wrong with the Green Party? They’re planning on running a candidate against Mike Doyle, arguably the most progressive congressman in the state (look at his record.). If they do really well they won’t win but they could tip the race to the hideous republican, which is the reality of the winner take all system. Are they planning on ever contesting a mayor’s race again? If they had attacked the last Pittsburgh’s mayor’s race with funding and, you know, a candidate, I just think they would have gotten a lot of support. I don’t understand their strategy. Why can’t they raise money from small donors? What is their strategy? Annoying and quixotic presidential runs only?. Related: Did you know that there are other third parties out there? I didn’t. Until yesterday. Let’s all read about the Working Families Party and The United States Labor Party, not to be confused with wacko Lyndon Larouche’s Labor Party, probably a psyop to discredit a decent labor party.

(And thanks to Klintron for this one:)

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