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Go Watch Visibly Angry Amy Goodman at Today’s Democracy Now

You can see a visibly pissed off Amy Goodman today at Democracy Now here or below. For people who don’t know this, like, say, my mother: Amy Goodman is one of the best journalists working in the country today. She isn’t the richest. She’s not as entertaining as say a Jon Stewart or Keith Olbermann. But she’s completely independent. And unlike those aforementioned guys you can’t turn her off. Unless you murder her or beat her senseless while refusing to read the big rectangular press credential tags around her neck. One of the things that troubles me about her arrest is that she isn’t in the best of health. Its been speculated that the paralysis on one side of her face is stroke related. This brings us to another uncomfortable question: what happens to Democracy Now if Amy Goodman can’t continue the job?

One thing that I wish Amy would do is take at least six weeks off per year not to fool around but to lower her stress and to work out. Have people like Naomi Klein (who would be a perfect replacement for Amy if something bad were to happen), Mike Moore, Greg Palast, Jane Hamsher or Glenn Greenwald take over for one or two week runs while she gets better or just, frankly, preserves her health. They should also be allowed to produce for the week. I’d be curious as to their takes on the news.

One more thing: Sue! Sue em for a hundred million dollars. Fund Democracy Now forever.

Anyway, from Youtube:

And here’s my fantasy film involving the Minnesota police. Apparently they don’t think much of my “bloody knives and karate gimmicks”. We shall see…

More Tales of an Economic Hit Man

une 5

John Perkins is interviewed in Tuesday’s Democracy Now.

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
John Perkins on “The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Global Corruption”

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AMY GOODMAN: Talk about Congo.

JOHN PERKINS: Oh, boy. The whole story of Africa and the Congo is such a devastating and sad one. And it’s the hidden story, really. We in the United States don’t even talk about Africa. We don’t think about Africa. You know, Congo has something called coltan, which probably most of your listeners may not have even heard of, but every cell phone and laptop computer has coltan in it. And several million people in the last few years in the Congo have been killed over coltan, because you and I and all of us in the G8 countries demand low — or at least we want to see our computers inexpensive and our cell phones inexpensive. And, of course, the companies that make these sell them on that basis, that “Oh, here, mine’s $200 less than the other company.” But in order to do that, these people in the Congo are being enslaved. The miners, the people mining coltan, they’re being killed. There’s these vast wars going on to provide us with cheap coltan.

And I have to say, you know, if we want to live in a safe world, we need to be — we must be willing, and, in fact, we must demand that we pay higher prices for things like laptop computers and cell phones and that a good share of that money go back to the people who are mining the coltan. And that’s true of oil. It’s true of so many resources that we are not paying the true cost, and there’s millions of people around the world suffering from that. Roughly 50,000 people die every single day from hunger or hunger-related diseases and curable diseases that they don’t get the medicines for, simply because they’re part of a system that demands that they put in long hours, and they get very, very low pay, so we can have things cheaper in this country. And the Congo is an incredibly potent example of that.

Rest of the transcript here. He can also be seen talking at the bestest music channel that I’ve ever created here and above.

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