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Your Sunday Atheism Links

Your Sunday Atheism Links

First up: Jesus and Mo. This cartoon, and I say this rarely, has been confirmed by a recent study. Turns out that your personal beliefs about the reality of the world and your God’s tend to coincide. It’s not luck.

Two: From Pharyrngula and I can testify that this is a problem with some of the Christians I’ve known and met.

Category: Religion
Posted on: December 5, 2009 10:12 AM, by
PZ Myers

Can you bear yet another case of religion-rationalized child abuse?

Over three months in 2006, as her five children grew more emaciated and listless by the day, Estelle Walker made no move to find a job, no effort to scrounge up a meal, her kids told a jury yesterday.

“We were supposed to wait for God to provide,” said Walker’s oldest daughter, now 21. “And that’s what we did.”

At one point, the daughter said, she and her siblings went 11 days without food. When police were at last summoned to the Sussex County cabin by neighbors, investigators found the children so malnourished they had difficulty talking.

You would think that after watching her own children waste away for months, she’d realize that god will not provide. Never has and never will.

Three: One reason why the mean ol’  New Atheists are popular is that they’re very good debaters. They’re very good with this whole reason in argument thing. Take a look at this debate between Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry and representatives of the Catholic Church. What’s remarkable is that they were polling this very literate audience and the more the Catholic reps spoke the more people they lost. I must confess that I find 99 percent of the debates between the New Atheists and religious people to go this way. However, this is the first time I’ve seen polling to confirm it. Watch the entirety of the debate here.

And we end with Jesus and Mo.


Click here to find out more!

Click here to find out more!

Why Richard Dawkins is a mean ol’ atheist. (Hint: Has something to do with murdered doctors.)

ITEM: And yeah, this is why Richard Dawkins is a mean ol atheist. Religion simply isn’t harmless. From Pharyngula:

These are the people who fuel the kind of self-righteous ignorance that encourages people to picket reproductive health clinics, treat ob-gyns as public criminals, and incite murder. The heroes are the doctors who sacrifice so much — privacy, security, and in this case, their life — to provide essential services to women, the women in whom Reaganites find so little value, unless they are pregnant. One of the tragedies of this recent killing and the conservative tradition is that it will be increasingly difficult to find heroes brave enough to step into this role…exactly as these narrow-minded, puritanical enemies of human liberty want.

He (Dawkins) is probably not thrilled about Saudi funded fundie schools, either. Related: Also from Pharyngula, something positive you can do.

Yoko Ono sues "Expelled" filmmakers

John Lennon’s sons and widow, Yoko Ono, are suing the filmmakers of “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” for using the song “Imagine” in the documentary without permission.


The documentary, which features Ben Stein, an actor, comedian and former speechwriter for President Richard Nixon, looks at alleged discrimination against scientists and teachers who support so-called intelligent design as an alternative to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Last I saw Ben Stein, he was on 700 Club hawking his latest investment strategy book. Pat obviously hadn’t read the book, but he was full of typical gee-shucks optimism about it. Seemingly annoyed, Ben kept cutting through Pat’s stammering. Ben looked very, very tired.

(Article link via Pharyngula, whose comments board to this particular post is unfortunately full of nasty comments about Asian women.)

Update: Haha. In this comment Pharyngula commenter Curt Cameron links to a YouTube page he claims to contain the clip from the documentary which features the song Imagine in context, but the clip has been taken down. According to the YouTube page:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Premise Media

Premise Media Corporation produced the film EXPELLED. So they’re enforcing their copyright to a clip posted on YouTube which contains an unauthorized segment of “Imagine” while at the same time arguing in civil court that their unauthorized use of “Imagine” falls under the domain of fair use. From the Reuters article:

The producers cited the fair use doctrine, which allows the use of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary and criticism.

“We are disappointed therefore that Yoko Ono and others have decided to challenge our free speech right to comment on the song ‘Imagine’ in our documentary film,” they said in a statement.

Demonstrating once again that consistency is the hobgoblin of Designer Intelligence.

Trevor Blake: OVO blog October 2007

A sample of the original content that appeared in OVO blog this month:

  • Christ @ Work. The Bible does contain some fine moral advice in it. It also contains some inhumanly evil moral advice. It also contains some foolish nonsense that dresses itself up as moral advice. That doesn’t make it much different from any number of other books, ancient and modern.
  • Extremophiles. What might humanity be able to engineer for ourselves to become extremophiles? What dangers do exremophiles present to humanity?
  • Interfaith Dialog. In some places, disagreements are resolved by discussion. In other places, disagreements are resolved by flogging.
  • Islam is Peace. Islam, like Christianity and all religions, is a collection of mean-spirited superstitions invented by illiterate pre-scientific nobodies that we have no reason to heed.
  • Krankheit. Sometimes sickness is a benefit.
  • The Latter-Day Saints and the Boy Scouts of America. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a terrible thing if the Mormons got out of the Scouting business.
  • More Sperm. February 2005 saw the return of OVO after 13 years of hibernation. The theme for that issue was ‘sperm.’ Sperm remains in the news, and here are some of the top sperm stories from the past two years.
  • Peaceable Protests After Amsterdam Attacks. Police in the Dutch city of Amsterdam say several peaceful protests were held in the sixth night of memorials after officers shot a Moroccan man dead.
  • Priorities. It seems that other people being free to celebrate or have their own superstitions is intolerable to Muslims, while public whippings and stoning are just fine as long as they occur in-house.
  • Publius Enigma. It has something to do with Pink Floyd and the Internet and a treasure hunt.
  • Saturn Return. Saturn Return is when Universe picks you up from under the Christmas tree and shakes you to see if it can figure out what you are.
  • SB777. SB777 protects religious belief against discrimination. It also protects discrimination in religious belief. Only religion can distort the rule of law to this degree.
  • Sharia in the United States of America. It is illegal to non-surgically amputate people’s hands as a punishment for a crime. Illegal under United States law, but legal under sharia law.
  • Superstitious Exemption from the Rule of Law. For better and for worse, it is not the case that we can all happily get along. But where there is the rule of law and not force, fiat or superstition we can at least get along peaceably.
  • Two Articles from All Africa. Replacing witch doctors with Christians is not going to help the situation.
  • Two Links via God is for Suckers. All money spent on religion is money wasted, wasted more thoroughly than money spent on weapons or torture. At least when someone is killed or tortured, something happened.
  • Workplace Religious Freedom Act (S. 893). If this bill becomes law, then religious employees will have rights and privileges that no atheist employee can have.

Many other essays and links appeared with original commentary. Fine photographs by Trevor Blake were also to be found. Visit OVO blog today.

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